NEP=Never Ending Policy

Whole world condemns "inhumane practices, human rights violations and oppression to minorities" in countries like Israel, China, Myanmar, SriLanka etc!  But, in Malaysia, are we in line with UN human rights principles, i.e.Icerd? 

Are all citizens treated in fair and equal manner?? Pemimpin cakap besar, tak serupa bikin! 'Keluarga Malaysia' still have 2 different classes of citizens and rights?? Special bumi class and special privileged clauses in federal constitution accepted by forefather of freedom fighrers in good faith!

 Its supposedly used for affirmative actions to certain extent that should not be disadvantage or oppress other non bumi classes of citizens. Give and take, sacrifices and tolerances prevail all the while. 

As the result of misused of power and discrimination policies, poor 'rakyat marhaen', from both classes were affected, disadvantaged in getting fair benefits as the rights of citizens provided under constititution too. 

So called  Institutional racism continue ruining nation building and harmonious coexistence. If we don't stop, it will never end, could go even up to doomsday/kiamat to destroy nation! 

All races should have self respect, dignity to play in same level of playing field. Malaysia will not be respected if inequality and such a  discrimination continues forever. 

Say No to ' Tongkat' culture! Go against ' Dedak culture'.

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