MIC was formed in 1946 by our forefathers. MIC was formed for the purpose of welfare  , social  , education and for political strength in this country.

1. Malaysian lndians have been the deciding Voting Power in 82 Constituencies.

MIC Need to have national *survey on Nationwide MIC *Branches to identify the *Voters. Number of *Constituencies lndians were *above 30% , 25% and 15% respectively.

2. During Mahathir administration, BN won with small majority. *During the redelination *exercise Tun Mahathir has *divided the Malay Voters.

3. To date Malays are divided into 6 Groups - UMNO, PAS, Keadilan , Bersatu , MUDA, Pejuang , Malays in DAP and  Parti Gerakan.

4. Based on this ,  lndian Votes will decide the Winnable Candidates.

MALAY PARTIES ONLY GET 30 percent votes each for major parties , *Chinese voters 10percent and the deciding were 15percent voters are indians . *If the Indian voters swinging to BN , definitely BN will Win.

 if this swing to PH, PH will WIN. THIS IS Not A JOKE. *IT was PROVED IN GE 14  because Indian blueprint couldn’t be implemented in time. Many excuses were given. So indians decided to change after 60 years. Now we are going to face the 15th *General Election anytime from now.

5. We MIC need to organise to have our own MIC Election Machinery at all Constituencies. MIC will be more stronger & prepared.

6. Economically,  the Malaysian lndians still at the lowest status todate with only 1% equity.

7. Last 30 years Malaysian lndians are weak  by strength in economic, politics and population due to various challenges including population dilution.

8. There is no perfect lndian political party in the country but MIC has done better then the others - MIED , AIMST , TAFE , NLFCES , NESA and development of temples ,  Tamil Schools , Matriculation,  Polytechnics Seats and launching of Malaysian lndian Blue Print , thousands of lndian received Citizenship after 50 over years stays in Malaysia and also championing various lndian related issues from time to time.

9. Last year during this Pandemic period,  MIC was the only indian party that helped to fly in Malaysian indians in Trichy and other cities in India.

10. All these are the valuable contributions of MIC. Unmatched by any other  lndian based political parties.

11. There are number of times UMNO were NOT sincere to MIC during General Elections. We lost number of Seats. It doesn't meant MIC never support our BIG BROTHER UMNO.

So, now UMNO have to fulfill the Indian blueprint to gain the trust and voting back BN and to form a Strong BN Government.

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