Malaysians were fooled post GE14

Emotions ran high in the lead up to PRU14. The debilitating suffocation that race and religion inflict upon us has already been deviously used by Malay politicians to divide and rule over their political fiefdom for far too long. Decades of political corruption and the insufferable sense of entitlement that political power, wealth, and accident of birth mistakenly confers upon individuals were then being endured by Malaysians on a daily basis. We are familiar with the excesses of that era. Altantuya, Cash is King, FLOM, and of course 1MDB. Ini kali, we told ourselves then, we must come together and cast our votes for Pakatan Harapan.

I remember those times well. We were all brothers and sisters. I Only had to focus on the way forward towards Putrajaya. My flank and my rear were protected by my brothers and sisters. There was no fear. There was only the belief that God was on our side and Pakatan Harapan will take care of the rest.
In hindsight, how naive were we then?
How naive were we to leave our future and the future of our nation in the hands of politicians? Even if there were Pakatan Harapan politicians!
PRU 14 is long gone. We are past Langkah Sheraton. Najib Razak is a convicted felon. The president of UMNO is on trial, and the Umno court cluster is real. We are past Muhyiddin Yassin and right smack in the middle of a raging COVID-19 pandemic. And Ismail Sabri is, somehow, prime minister.
This time around it is different. This time around, for me, it is personal.
Yes, we are in this together, but it is also personal for me. What Ismail Sabri and those political pariahs have done and are now doing to my people and my Malaysia is personal because they are taking me for a fool.
From the time that they begin to plot and scheme Langkah Sheraton, those political pariahs thought they could fool us.
When YDPA choose Muhyiddin as PM, this King of ours thought that he could fool us. And in the manner that Muhyiddin went about doing government, in the manner he had the YDPA declare the emergency, and in how his government had managed the COVID-19 pandemic, he thought he could fool us.
And then in these last few weeks, with Muhyiddin resignation and the appointment of Ismail Sabri as PM by the same YDPA, again, they thought they could fool us.
Muhyiddin made much of the fact that he had not interfered in the judicial process involving the Umno court cluster. Did he do so out of respect of the judicial process, or did he do so in order to ensure that Najib and Zahid would be so tied up in defending themselves that they cannot interfere with his political maneuverings to establish Bersatu rule over PN? Did Muhyiddin think he can fool us all in these matters?
I was upset because in all the above, these political pariahs and the Royals, went about scamming, plotting, and lying to us to serve their own interest at the expense of all of us. Why did they do so? They did so because they think we are fools and will not know what it is that they are really doing
And all this is done for power and wealth. Power and wealth at the expense of many thousands dead from Covid, many millions suffering physically, financially, and mentally from the botched mismanagement of the Covid Pandemic.
That is why I say ini kali, by the things we will do at PRU15, we will tell them that we are not fools.
The non-Malays are no longer saying,…let the Malays sort this political conundrum out by themselves. They want to get involved. I have begun to feel the coming together of many of us as we debate and discuss among ourselves, anywhere we can, what we must and can do when PRU15 is upon us. We talk to each other, with each other and I have had many virtual high fives on the NET with many of you as we agreed with each other that ini kali, we will again be responsible for our own fate and for our own destiny.
For sure Ismail Sabri and this King of ours are still around but they no longer swagger and strut within the corridors of power.
The language they speak reeks of being contrite and wanting what is best for the people of Malaysia even as we know that what they do only profits themselves and not us. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Today, we have been fooled too many times to allow these pariahs to fool us again at PRU15! Enough said.

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