Integrated Malaysia's latest data wave

Forever21 Global closes 350 bankruptcies (7 branches in Malaysia)

MPH The largest bookstore in Malaysia closed 8 branches

Starbucks U.S. permanently closed 400 stores (16 stores in Malaysia)

Zara closed 1,200 stores at a loss of 409 million (9 stores in Malaysia)

Speedy has been in business for 30 years and closed all branches

AirAsia layoffs 1,333 people

马航 Application for winding up

RamadaPlaza Hotel closed in June

Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang 126 hotels closed

Langkawi, Malacca City 115 hotels closed

KL Parkroyal Hotel will be closed for renovation for 15 months

KL Plenitude closes 3 hotels

KL Syeun Hotel Closed

KintaRiverFront Hotel closed

TowerRegency Hotel closure

Hilton Hotel cuts 2,100 employees

FourPoints Hotel closure

Expedia layoffs 3,000 jobs

TiomanResort Closed

Coldstorage Petaling historic supermarket closed

100% of tourist agencies are temporarily or permanently closed, causing 370,000 people in the country to shut down

100% of theaters are temporarily or permanently closed, causing 43,000 people in the country to close

70% Hair & Beauty Saloons There is a wave of closure, affecting the livelihoods of 100,000 people

Colleges, training centers, professional schools are suspended, and more than 10,000 school buses are parked

Casinos, entertainment, KTV, bars, SPA, CLUB, GYM, temporarily or permanently closed,

Caused 1 million people in the country to suspend business

National chain milk tea shops also closed down one after another, laying off 25,000 employees

860,000 domestic college students, graduation equals career, employment opportunities are almost zero

The list continues to increase. Including unstated construction, development, contractors, supermarkets, and temporary sales. .

81% in Malaysia law firms will go bankrupt within one year, and they will not be able to escape downsizing.

The disadvantages of combined operations or even closure

The lawyers of the Malaysian Bar Association have more than 20,000 members. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are the same as most economic sectors that cannot be "stopped from the epidemic".

 In addition, low industrial transactions have impacted business decline and faced "downsizing" or bankruptcy doom. ... to strike a balance between companies and employees, we urge the government to strongly support professional categories, including law firms, because they constitute the lifeblood of the national economy

 Data from Sin Chew Daily, China News, and Oriental Daily

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