How can the MACC investigate MACC officers?

Raising the matter in the Dewan Rakyat today, the Puchong MP referred to the anti-graft body’s statement confirming that three of its officers have been remanded in relation to abuse of power and misappropriation.

The matter should be investigated by the police or another independent body instead of an internal investigation, he said in debating the royal address in Parliament.

“This case is related to stealing of seized funds; it should be under the jurisdiction of the police, not the MACC. Why is the MACC arresting its own officers? How can MACC investigate MACC?” he asked. 

The Pakatan Harapan lawmaker said the case is related to US$6 million (RM25 million) in cash seized from former Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation director-general Datuk Hasanah Abd Hamidin in 2018 that was believed to have been stolen.

Gobind said that it is unreliable for the MACC to investigate its own personnel, especially as this case involves senior officers.

He recalled a similar issue when the police launched an internal investigation after claims by former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador that there are high-ranking police officers involved in abuse of power and criminal cartels.

“The police told us that they will launch an internal investigation on this. The police are investigating the police, and what happened to the investigation?

“I want to ask MACC, why is corruption within the police force investigated internally? What is the difference between corruption involving the police and other people?” he said. 

Gobind then challenged the government to present the results of the investigation into these cases, or ensure that the police and MACC will not be investigating their own officers. 

The opposition member pointed out that a department or agency should not be allowed to investigate its own officers and hoped that, by tomorrow, the authorities will allow another independent body to take over the case.

“We want to see if this new government is truly a reformist one, like it says it is. If you are a reformist, then show us now. If not, you are just the same as the past government – a failed government.” – The Vibes, September 20, 2021

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