Letter from Xavier Andre Justo to Najib

Dear Mr Najib Razak.

Once again you have taken the liberty to talk about me in Facebook. 

You are still writing lies about me, and about others.

There could be two reasons for doing so. The first one is that you think that by repeating lies they will be transformed into reality, the second option is that aging has some memory consequences for you.

For the first one I'm sorry to inform you that there are many evidences in different courts (Switzerland, Malaysia, USA and others) that are proving your guilt ! 

For the second one I do think that a visit to a doctor for a thorough check of your mental health is a very important option.

I enclose a picture of my resignation of Petrosaudi, I hope this will at least stop you from claiming that I was fired as you can see that I resigned.

Others proofs of your lies are in the Courts so I don't feel compelled to expose them here.

You are talking about Mr Siddiqi and once again you are lying. I met Mr Siddiqi after the election of Mr Mahathir in 2018 and not before. You and your accomplices (Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony) obliged me to write his name in the confessions that were dictated by Petrosaudi. 

When talking about Mr Siddiqi you should show some respect, he passed away a few months ago and his family is still grieving. He was a great fan of Malaysia and his people but the difference between him and you (I will include Jho Low, Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony in the you) is that he never took money from the Malaysian people.

Regarding the money that our family received from Mr Ong, I'm sure you will be happy to hear that everything was lost in trying to develop a business in Malaysia that could have created jobs in the country.

So I have nothing left from that money !

But be assured that even without money we as a family will continue to fight against the criminals that made our family suffer, that made the Najadi or Morais families suffer and that stole so much money from Malaysia.

Should you require more information I will suggest you that you ask your cybertroopers to send me a message through the Facebook messenger. 

I wish you a nice day.

Xavier Andre Justo

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