What is wrong with Malaysia?

 I guess i have to answer this question myself. I was an ex-Malaysian and left the country in my teens to study in Singapore. I was a disillusioned person when I left. I was the best student in my class but since I am a Chinese, I can only go to a secondary University in Penang and not University Malaya. I left to study in Singapore (National University of Singapore which turned out to be the top university in Asia - University Malaya is unranked in Asia)

What is wrong with Malaysia then?

  1. Students with less than average test scores get scholarships to overseas universities - they came back not knowing anything since they don’t really comprehend English
  2. Terrible students (mostly E’s and F’s test scores) get to go to the local university. I was at Universiti Malaya once and saw a notice to ask these students to join the Medical Faculty - to be a doctor no less….
  3. Police are corrupt. Police in Malaysia do not follow the law. They can do search and seizure without a valid warrant or reasons. They do not respect the very law they were hired to protect. I heard of a police seizing the phone of a pretty girl just to get her number. This is illegal seizure conducted by the very people who are supposed to protect the law. Complaints to the Ministry and Police did nothing. They just ignore it.
  4. Crime is everywhere. Clubs and KTVs are drug infested dens. The police (see point 3) only works to get “revenue” from these dens and do not shut them down. They will pretend once in a while to do some work and put that on TV to show how good they are.
  5. Crimes are rampant. In KL, it is not uncommon to see an ATM lobby full of blood. This is due to the fact that people rob ATM lobby when patrons withdraw their money. They just stab first talk later.
  6. Medical treatment is almost free (RM1 - USD20cents) but be very careful since the doctors are from point 2 so they don’t know anatomy from analogy. Go to government hospital at your own risks. I used to go there and tricked the doctor into giving me better medicine by faking a sympthom.
  7. Don't get me started on the current PM and his knowledge 

I guess there are more stories but it is enough to show why Malaysia is going to be bad for a long time to come.

So, development not going to happen and only thing they going to sell is their neighbor's security and wealth.

So sad. That is what is wrong with Malaysia!

From a reader of Peoples Power

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