BN will recapture Selangor with more than half a million phantoms and foreigners being registered as voters

Selena Tay | July 18, 2012
The nation is going downhill fast with low-skilled foreign workers being given citizenship at the drop of a hat.

A PAS state assemblyman in Selangor who spoke on condition of anonymity has revealed that more than half a million phantoms and aliens (hereinafter referred to as “dubious voters”) will certainly enable Barisan Nasional to recapture Selangor.
“While we in Pakatan Rakyat are hoping to obtain the votes of our genuine fellow-Malaysians, BN will be relying on the fake Malaysians in the extremely dirty voters’ roll to carry them to victory,” said PAS Kuala Selangor MP, Dzulkefly Ahmad.
Since Bersih 2.0 on July 9 last year, the voters’ roll has become dirtier and dirtier by the minute. Not just in Selangor but the whole country as well.
Back to Selangor, there is absolutely no way Pakatan can overcome the votes of more than half a million voters. And that is the reason why the powers-that-be had chosen to remain deaf and dumb in regard to the demands of the rakyat for free and fair elections.
Instead, those who demand for free and fair elections have received brutal and savage treatment from the authorities, with one Bersih participant from Penang in great danger of losing sight in his right eye after he was hit by a tear-gas canister fired into the crowd at great speed.
It is now very obvious to one and all that BN is hellbent on staying in power at all costs and it will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. One of the Machiavellian methods employed is to give MyKad to the millions of foreign workers here and to simultaneously insert their names into the voters’ roll.
Never mind the fact that these low-skilled foreign workers also contribute to the crime rate. A real estate agent was murdered recently and two dodgy foreigners have been remanded to facilitate investigations.
The nation is going downhill fast with low-skilled foreign workers being given citizenship at the drop of a hat and in Selangor, the situation is extremely acute.
“While Pakatan needs to convince the hardcore BN supporters into voting for us, BN has it easy just by dishing out MyKad to the foreign workers to offset our votes. The number of dubious voters in Selangor has exceeded half a million while for the whole country it is more than three million. And yet the prime minister is afraid of calling for the general election! It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” said Dzulkefly.
Missing names
Of all the three parties in Pakatan, PAS has the most manpower and it is willing to go from house-to-house to verify the data of the dubious voters. But how to conduct any verification when the dubious voters do not have any address? And therein lies the crux of the problem.
In the case of real voters, 5,000 names have been missing from the voters’ roll for Klang as revealed by DAP’s Klang MP, Charles Santiago.
Certainly, the Election Commission’s (EC) voters’ roll will enable BN to wrest Selangor from Pakatan’s grasp and that is why the BN leaders have boasted that they are confident of regaining Selangor.
The only thing that Pakatan can do is to increase house-to-house visits in the rural areas and to increase its ceramahs in BN strongholds and this is being done on a daily basis. But then how to overcome the blatant increase of fake Malaysians who are being given instant citizenship?
On the one hand, Pakatan is increasing its campaign ceramahs but, on the other, BN is increasing the population via dubious and diabolical means!
Dzulkefly also informed this columnist that Pakatan has been lodging reports after reports of the dubious voters, but nothing much is done by the EC in solving this problem.
“Even after Bersih 3.0, the EC is stone-deaf,” said Dzulkefly.
Thus the EC is a lost cause as it is the incumbent government’s intention to quell free and fair elections at all cost.
A big lie
Therefore the slogan of “People First” is a big lie. It is in fact “Najib First” because the prime minister will only call for the general election when he is absolutely sure of regaining the two-thirds majority in Parliament.
In the meantime, the Chinese economy is slowing down and eurozone is in trouble. Instead of calling for elections in March or June this year, the polls date is still a source of uncertainty and this has angered local businessmen and investors but Najib Tun Razak is only thinking of his own polls strategy.
His credibility has nosedived following the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal and the Ampang-LRT issues, but this does not bother him the least bit because being the Umno Selangor chief, he has vowed to recapture Selangor and this is all that matters to him.
“Using emotional arguments based on illogical premises that if Pakatan wins the general election the DAP will control Malaysia, Najib now hopes to galvanise all the Malays especially those in rural Selangor into voting for Umno. Thus he is nothing but a pyschopathic demagogue. In addition to that, he has no sense of urgency pertaining to the nation’s dire economic situation,” said Dzulkefly.
Therefore those staying or working in Selangor have to brace themselves for the impact of an Umno man as the next Selangor menteri besar after the 13th general election.

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