Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should stop the wayang kulit politics of making empty promises to the Indian community.

Marginalised ethnic Indians, especially the 70% working class segment, were fed up and disgusted with the Umno-sponsored prime time zero political show.

Ethnic Indians were weary of this show given that their plight and grievances have hardly been addressed by the BN government for 54 years.

“Enough is enough on this political sandiwara. Indians are fed up of this nonsense,”  Najib, the country’s 6th prime minister, should discontinue the wayang kulit political tradition.

Each ecltion year, the premier as Barisan Nasional chairman, would make various promises. All those promises will be forgotten once the election is over They have never been fulfilled.

“This is what has been happening for past 54 years,”Both Umno and MIC elites of having a concealed social contract to hoodwink and deceive the Indian community since independence until today.

MIC complicit in short changing Indians

MIC elites being subservient to Umno and compromising Indians’ constitutional rights merely to protect and fulfill their own self interests. In turn, Umno would always take care of these MIC elites’ needs just to keep them as political mandores.

During pre-independent talks, the MIC leadership had tacitly supported Umno and British political manipulation to permanently uphold Malay special position under Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

In  Malaya’s pre-independence talks all safety measures proposed as permanent constitutional features to protect minority rights in the imminent Malay majority rule were dismantled. These proposals were all omitted from the final draft of the Malaya Federal Constitution with the support of MIC and MCA, which were supposed to protect minority rights and interests.

“This had allowed Umno to misuse and manipulate Article 153 until today,”

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I read this and i agree with this article. have you seen it, I hope, you much learn by watching this video. Best of luck.

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government