Najib hears the rakyat, but is not listening

8:48AM Jul 18, 2012  
YOURSAY 'We hear your problems on cost of living' and ‘We hear and understand your needs on education.' Aren't these slogans ironical?'

Commuters balk at 'Najib Express'

your sayChangeagent: What exactly are you hearing, PM Najib Razak? We tell you we want free and fair elections, you go around and put up barbed wires around Dataran Merdeka.

We tell you we don't want Lynas, you push ahead and issue a temporary operating licence, ignoring the plea from the local residents.

We tell you we don't feel safe on our own streets, you tell us Malaysia is the safest country in Southeast Asia.

Then we tell you no more government corruption and misappropriation of public funds - no more PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), Scorpene submarines, MAS (Malaysia Airlines) bailout or NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) controversies, you give us a billion-ringgit Ampang LRT scandal.

You're clearly not listening to us at all. Just don't pretend that you are.

Jiminy Qrikert: ‘Kami mendengar' (We hear you) - that is all Umno-BN does, but the rakyat does not know for sure if they actually listen.

'Hearing' means it goes in one ear and out the other and that is exactly what Umno-BN is doing, otherwise why would they not do anything to come clean and be absolutely transparent.

Instead of striving to ensure that his federal government and BN state governments work towards being honest and transparent in serving the rakyat, he chooses to cover up all BN's trespasses with a heavy public relation (PR) and advertising campaign.

No amount of PR bullshit and advertising campaign is going to help if the rakyat do not trust or believe in Najib and BN. All it does is add up to an overkill of Umno-BN bullshit, and the rakyat can smell it a mile away.

Poor Najib, no way he can hold a candle up to DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) or LKS (Lim Kit Siang) or Tok Guru Nik Aziz (Nik Mat). All he knows is to splurge. And the money is not even his. It all belongs to the rakyat.

Chuath: "We hear your problems on cost of living" and "We hear and understand your needs on education." Aren't these slogans ironical?

Didn't anyone up there think of using the money to improve things instead of wasting it on printing Najib's photos and slogans, which do nothing to improve even public transport nor even the state of our primary schools.
We employ Najib. We know what Najib looks like, and we need him to just get on with the job and show us the result.

Doc: So how come the Umno-BN, the current government and the goverment that has been in power for the last 52 years not addressed these two issues?

If the Umno-BN has not addressed these issues in the past, how sure are we that they will address it if they are re-elected. These are the thoughts of any able-minded Malaysian reading these Najib signages.

In short, BN is highlighting their weakness and ensuring that this message is firmly plastered in the minds come GE13.

Ourvotesdecide!: This is to shows Najib's sheer desperation for our votes. Next, toilet papers will have Najib's photos as well. This is the only way Najib and his corrupt BN government desperately tries to trick, con and bluff the voters.

If not for the hundreds of millions of ringgit spent to promote him in this manner, Najib would have long gone down the drain. Also, someone in Umno would have got the million-ringgit contract to do all that on the trains.

Christine Yong: How much is taxpayers' money being spent for promoting this one man? What is the purpose?

If the is for election campaign then use the party's funds, not taxpayers' money. The rakyat not stupid anymore. We are more interested to know how to get back the PKFZ, NFC and all money siphoned off.

Annonymous 6941: In my company, whenever we propose to appoint a consultant, my boss would brush it off by saying a consultant does not only con but also insults you.

This is what the best paid consultants are doing to Ah Jib Gor (brother Najib). Anyway, he does not need to worry for the fees are paid by taxpayers.

HYL: I think it is doing more damage and harm to Najib's and BN's reputation and popularity.

The fact that PKR and Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim did more than what BN did and with now PM claiming that they are hearing the plight of the rakyat makes us ordinary folks realised the deception and lie of BN even more vividly.

Mushiro: Hypocrisy at the highest level. Najib does not commute by Komuter at all and I do not think he even understands the hardship and problems faced by the commuters. He has not done anything for the commuters and I do not believe the commuters will support him.

Geronimo: When I first saw the picture in this news report, I almost wanted to puke. He says ‘Kami mendengar'. Since when?

Okay, for a start, and I hope you are listening, Najib, because this is very important. We want the education system to revert to the old system using English as the language of instruction. Can you do it? If you can't, why don't you just shut up.

Tholu: "We hear and understand your needs on education". I suppose when you say "your needs", you mean the needs of all races.

And if that is so, then how come for the 2012/2013 academic session only 1,384 out of 38,549 places offered by the IPTAs (public universities) went to Indian students?

This is a mere 3.6 percent of the total places offered. The Chinese students' percentage was 23.3, while a whopping 71.22 percent went to the bumiputras.

Bert: "We hear your problems on cost of living" and "We hear and understand your needs on education". These are the responsibilities of the the government of the day.

It is their responsibility to see that the cost of living is under control and that every Malaysian get proper education. Has BN forgotten their responsibilities? So much so that this has become an election campaign? Shame on BN.

Odin: Najib, we hear your problems on cost of living and your needs on education. Selangorians: We hear you'll be stealing hundreds of millions of our money again, this time around through the LRT extension project.

Not Convinced: How could Najib be hearing the rakyat when he is bent on punishing them with the threat of water rationing in Selangor?

Moontime: This is a sure sign of desperate times for BN. With zero chance of winning back Selangor, the PM had to use his 'charm' and 'charisma' to show how concerned he was for Selangorians.

He knows very well that his job is clearly on the line if he failed to deliver and improve BN's performance in the next GE.

I would like to suggest a more direct and honest approach: just tell us that you want Selangor back to enrich your cronies, plunder all of its natural resources and seek revenge against Selangorians for having the audacity to replace BN with Pakatan Rakyat four years ago.

A little truth can't hurt unless you're extremely allergic to it.

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