Siti Mariah, don’t take Hindraf for granted

July 20, 2012
We refer to an an online portal report where PAS Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Mariah accused Hindraf of fighting its cause on racial lines. Hindraf views the statement by the Kota Raja MP seriously and warns PAS and all Pakatan leaders not to take Indian voters for granted.

They should  realise that Hindraf has opened the eyes of the Indian community on its democratic rights and the right to be represented in parliament. What Hindraf seeks for is equality in rights and dignity.

Siti Mariah is immature and foolish to brand that Hindraf fights its cause on racial lines. She has to go to our website and see for herself how much of International and local campaign work we in Hindraf have done to make the world and Malaysians realise that Malaysia is a country implementing institutionalised racism.
Hindraf challenges Siti Mariah and her party to openly say that they would rid the most racist provision in the constitution and champion for equality for all Malaysian citizens. Hindraf also challenges Siti Mariah and her PAS to openly drop the Islamic state agenda.

Isn’t PAS all about creating an Islamic state. How does PAS’ Islamic agenda fit in a multi national and multi cultural society like Malaysia? She should attend a lesson on the true meaning of racial politics before she comes up with unwise allegations against Hindraf.
We advise her  to read International covenants which clearly gives rights for all ethnic communities to champion their own cause. This is an internationally recognised right and Siti Mariah and her likes are trapped in the Tuan/Towkay syndrome. They still believe that Indians could be enslaved into putting all their hopes (nambikei) in them.

Siti Mariah must not forget that she and many of her compatriots are in Parliament today because of Hindraf.  She is now biting the hand that has fed her – not a very good role model to start with. But think of the implications: Of the three parties, PAS stands to lose most if they antagonise the Indian voters.

Comments like this against Hindraf is akin to antagonising the Indian voter who is a substantial supporter of Hindraf’s platform. Just in Selangor, PAS stands to lose four parliament seats and five state seats that were won with slim majorities and where there are substantial Indian voters, should the tsunami reverse itself.
That is only PAS  and only in Selangor. Multiply it with all Pakatan seats and across the country and you can see the extent of the damage hostile and cavalier statements like this can cause.

What if Hindraf starts a campaign that PAS is no more than a Malay-Muslim party and it does not benefit  non-Malay, non-Muslims. Is that going to help PAS or her in her personal cause of retaining Kota Raja?
Even if we are to take her statement literally, can she name one issue that PAS has taken up seriously to resolve the multifarious problems of the Indian community? How many times has PAS  raised issues as it relates to the other races in the various halls of power.

Indira Gandhi had her breast-feeding baby removed from her on a religious tussle with her husband and the child was placed in an imam’s house in Kelantan but this good doctor did not find a space in her heart to speak out against the injustice perpetrated on another Indian.

Hindraf warns PAS or any other Pakatan leaders not to take Hindraf for granted. They must remember we fight a just cause without any need for political expediency. We urge Siti Mariah to apologise for her foolish  remark

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