TEOH BENG HOCK - Gone BUT not Forgotten the cruelty by UMNO government

Who is this young woman and little boy? 

Her name is Soh Cher Wei, and her son's name is Teoh Er Jia. They are the widow and son of DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock. 16 July 2009 was supposed to be a joyful day for Cher Wei, when she and her fiancé Beng Hock were to go to have their marriage registered. Instead, Beng Hock was murdered by the UMNO-instructed MACC in the early hours of 16 July, having been called in for 'questioning' the day before only to be tortured and murdered when he refused to corroborate MACC's false evidence into 'corruption' by the Pakatan Selangor state govt. 

courtesy Clifford Tan ( w.i.w.c )

Let us all REMEMBER the injustice which has happened and may we all VOTE FOR CHANGE so that finally we could bring some JUSTICE to TBH's family and to ALL Malaysians this upcoming 13th General Elections! [Curi]

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government