Why BN should be the Opposition

July 17, 2012

Barisan National which has been ruling the country for 54 years was never really challenged by any party except in 1990 when they lost Kelantan to PAS. Then came Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 where it won 82 parliament seats out of 222 and capturing five states.

What happened in 2008 has changed Malaysia for the better as it is was major wake up call to BN that the people want a better and improved government. But the people are growing tired of the current government and what we want is a new government.

BN has not tasted what it feels like to be the opposition. It is important for them to be the opposition as they would then be able to see the problems they have created and learn from them. As a government, they are too ignorant to ever admit their mistakes and learn from it.

The only way I could see BN improving as a government is for them to lose in the upcoming 13th General Election. BN is still living in a world of their own where they continue to play racial cards and cronyism.
BN does not allow free media although I remember learning one moral value “kebebasan bersuara” in Pendidikan Moral SPM. We have to thank the wide Internet access in our country which highlights many of BN’s failures and corruption

BN has lost the plot. They constantly manipulate the media and take swipes at members of opposition. Especially scandals related to sex which never fails to make it to the front pages.

Sometimes I would wonder if the government is implying that it is fine for everyone from every race and age group to read about sex scandals but it is morally wrong for us to watch a mere kissing scene in the cinema?
BN claims it is a matter of perception but we’re talking about billions of taxpayers money went into corruption and feeding cronies such as NFC, second hand submarine which can’t submerged under water, PKNZ just to name afew.

Is it still a matter of perception or a government which is still treating the people as gullible enough to accept corruption as ‘developments’?
While Pakatan Rakyat promises free tertiary education, BN claims it will drive the country to bankruptcy. Either one is poor at mathematics or one is good at it. The only bankruptcy we are looking at is being under BN stewardship. The country’s debt has been rising every year for the past 15 years since Anwar Ibrahim was the Finance Minister.

BN still lives under the shadow of Dr Mahathir. Many blamed Abdullah Badawi for BN’s dismal performance in 2008 but we must not forget that Mahathir played a huge role in Pak Lah’s downfall.
Mahathir labeled Pak Lah as a ‘weak and indecisive’ leader but the real weak and indecisive leader is the current Prime Minister. Najib Tun Razak continues to allow Mahathir to pull the strings.
A change has to happen now, and the change must be demoting BN to the role of opposition. It is time for Pakatan Rakyat to win GE13. If PR fails to deliver as a government assuming they do win GE13, then the people would have no problem welcoming the return of BN as the government
Pakatan Rakyat has a mountain to climb if they were to take over Putrajaya but they deserve to take over Putrajaya not because they are the best opposition in the world, but because BN has been a very poor government.

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