Continuing BN's corrupt and racist reign in the name of stability?

The 13th general elections is somewhere out there awaiting to be called anytime. But the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government would not call for an early general elections and they would prefer to wait till their term ends at the end of this year's first quarter. 

With no time to waste, BN leaders with Umno president Najib Razak on top are now running up and down, from day to night trying their very best to convince our people that voting for the Opposition would means destabilizing the entire nation's political and economic situation. Najib says, voting for the Opposition would mean taking the entire nation into uncertainty, the Opposition would make this country of ours bankrupt. The sexist MCA president Chua Soi Lek says it in a different tone, voting the Opposition would means chaos in our country and so on. 

Guess what, all those BN leaders are saying all those words desperately, by keep on repeating them every now and then. They are reminding our people that under BN, the whole country has prospered well both socially and economically. Yes, we admit that the entire nation is stable, not because of the BN government's contribution, but it is because the people here are all tolerant to each other, understand the need to be united as Malaysians rather than to be barriers under respective racial lines or tones, like what the BN coalition has been all these years. Umno for the Malays, MCA for the Chinese and MIC for the Indians while the other BN multiracial component parties, like Gerakan or PPP just couldn't do much at all in promoting the spirit of unity and the Bangsa Malaysia concept. 

For more than 55 years, BN has rule this nation with an iron fist with some limited democracy by restricted laws at their hands. During their rule, much negative elements were implanted in the administration, like corruption, power abuse, mismanagement and so on. Many of the BN coalition cronies benefited from all these kind of negative elements and most of them even became multi billionaires just because of all these kind of elements. 

When the 12th general elections in March 2008 about four years ago, it was a wake up call for the BN component parties, but they didn't accept the facts that there are many wrongs in within their establishments and choose to ignore our people's various demand for their governance competency, transparency and accountability. Majority of these BN leaders are technically still in denial mode.

These BN leaders are still blaming the people for their defeat in the previous general elections and they are also blaming the Opposition for taking away the votes and their two-thirds majority in the last general elections. 

After the Sarawak's state elections then, BN leaders has started to sense defeatism within their coalition. Because of this, they are now resorting to racism, hate, hate and hate and nothing else but hate towards the Opposition parties. Now they are bringing in the Malay rulers to help them regain support especially from the Malay and Bumiputra communities. 

Then, Najib came up with various "money throwing" programs by offering the people with many kinds of cash gifts and incentives, even when he had knew that his government would not afford to pay out all those cash timely, his budget deficit is increasing, but Najib would not care about all these anymore. It looks like, he has lost confidence in retaining the government seat in Putrajaya to an extend that Umno members must defend the said administrative capital at all cost, even if their bodies are being crushed and bloodshed would have to take place. 

What then? Hopefully the people would be confuse and in the end would return their votes to the BN. So, corruption, power abuse and mismanagement would continue in the same administration, Umno and BN cronies would continue to ripe all sorts of benefits without the need to undergo open tender process, these BN leaders would continue to accumulate their vast wealth through improper ways and means. 

BN is planning to continue bankrupting the nation's coffers till to the end when they are not able to hold on to the Putrajaya fort anymore, only then they would finally give up the already bankrupt Putrajaya seat to the Opposition. 

What happened then. The Opposition being the new government of that day would eventually feel the heat of having to take up such a heavy responsibility to rebuild the entire nation's economy and the government treasury after being left empty by the previous BN rulers. This is what the BN is trying to do, empty its coffers and finally let it go. The victims are the new government and the people. The new government and our people would have to suffer as the result of BN's massive daylight robbery. 

BN says, the Opposition would make the entire nation when it comes to power in the next general elections. Just take a look at Penang, Selangor and Kedah, which are currently under the Opposition rule. Look at how much revenue these three state governments had achieved since April 2008. Fantastic, isn't it so? Their track record had proven from 2008 until 2012, what else does our people need to worry about when it comes to the Opposition taking over the country? 

With the continuing rampant corruption, power abuse and mismanagement under the BN rule, our people are worrying almost everyday. We as taxpayers are watching how our monies are being so blatantly misused and mismanaged by all those corrupted leaders and cronies. 

So, to continue voting for BN or shifting our votes over the the Opposition in the next general elections currently lies in our wisdom. To continue rotting or start anew? 

Vote with Wisdom! 

By Viktor Wong

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