HRP Selangor letter to P.M. Future World Class Cardiologist and hundreds of top Indian students “ethnically cleansed” by UMNO.

YB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun RazakPrime Minister Of Malaysia ,

YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin,The Minister of Malaysian Higher Education , With all respect due, I wish to bring to your attention a matter of injustice that is causing great disappointment and deep concern to many Malaysian Indian Students including Ms.Sugentha Subramaniam for being denied her rights as citizen of this country to further her higher education in Malaysian Public Universities despite her excellent SPM results and Co-curricular participation. Please refer to the attachments for evidence.

She scored 10 As in SPM examination. These As never came rolling to her. She worked hard day and night . Her days began at 3.00am , her parents sacrificed a lot in order that she may get through the SPM exams with flying colors to achieve her ultimate dream of becoming one of the finest cardiologist in this country.

However Prime Minister sir , her dreams and hard work were shattered by the “dukacita” replies, denying her rights from entering Matriculation colleges , Malaysian Public Universities or being awarded government scholarship (JPA).

She was a top student among 197 in her school . She was the only Indian student. Almost 95% of her fellow Malay Muslim friends who scored lesser then her were given a choice to choose their option to continue their higher studies in Matriculation colleges or Public Universities whereas Sugentha Subramaniam’s applications were turned down completely.

“I am not in envy of my Malay Muslim friends continuing their studies , my heartiest congratulation to them , but I cannot accept that I am being denied my right to further my studies in this country !” Says Sugentha Subramaniam.

“I spent the last 5 year among Malay Muslim friends. They were such wonderful people, we had no problem among us, we were like sisters but, when my applications were rejected I can think nothing other than that I am different. For the first time I realize I am being discriminated for merely being an Indian” was the exact words of a young victim who was racially discriminated by your UMNO Barisan Nasional Government !

Is this the One Malaysia concept that you are propagating through out this country?

Prime Minister sir , I do not know how else a middle class child like Sugentha Subramaniam should get qualified to obtain a seat in Malaysian Public Universities. Her parents are not in anyway able to afford higher education for her in any private or overseas colleges.
Prime Minister Sir , I appeal to you to remedy this problem which I really believe you can.
With all respect and appreciation of your attention,

I am yours sincerely disappointed Malaysian ,

Selangor HRP Chaiman.

Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin
Deputy prime Minister Of Malaysia
YB Dr. Hou Kok Chong ,Deputy Minister Of Higher Education I,
YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Minister Of Higher Education II
Y.Bhg Datuk Dr Zulkefli bin A Hassan ,Secretary General Ministry Of Higher Education.

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government