UMNO’s racist engineering is root cause of Indian problems

The Star headlines today (25/5/10) reported “school of terror”. Although the name of the school was not published our members confirm that it is Sekolah Menengah Sri Gading where some 60% of the students are Indians. The root cause of these Indian students discipline problems are as a direct result of UMNO’s 53 year racist social engineering by commission and by the racist omission by the supposedly multi-racial PKR, DAP, PAS, even some NGOs, Malaysiakini, Bloggers, Indian elite, etc.

While some of these “stakeholders” skirt around the root causes others simply do not care but will continue with their political rhetoric of either their One Malay-sia (BN) or multi-racialism.
The root causes of these discipline problems among the Indian students not only in this Sri Gading school but in most schools nationwide is primarily because of the UMNO racist social engineering policies as follows:-
The Indian are intentionally kept in the lower income poor and hardcore poor category by being denied the upward mobility opportunities as is being offered to the Malay muslim poor.

As a result the poor Indians remain unskilled general workers, plantation workers, cleaners, security guards, garbage pickers, restaurant helps, dish washers, etc.
To keep the family going both parents have to end up going to work. Imagine a security guard forced to work twelve hours a day, six days a week and his wife working six days a week during office hours. How much time will they get to shower love and attention to their children? The children are mostly left to grow up on their own. To compound matters, these families do not get help of the extended families or the community support as is the case in the Malay villages.
The parents do not earn enough (some earn as low as RM260 per month) to send their children to even kindergartens. (Note 42% of standard one Tamil school pupils cannot read or write as they never attended kindergarten as their parents could not afford it. (Malaysia Nanban 10/3/2010 at page 3 ).

When these parents cannot even afford to send their children to kindergarten how could they afford to send their children for tuition.
Arising out of this UMNO engineered Indian poverty, the single parent rate in the Indian community arising out of poverty has turned out to be 500% higher than in the Chinese community.

Entry into colleges is denied; 99% of the places in the skills training colleges like Giatmara, IKBN, technical and vocational schools are denied to Indian students.

The UMNO led government’s free tuition programme does not reach (had no intention to reach) these poor Indian students. Compliments of UMNO’s 1,016,799 Biro TataNegara racist graduates who are mostly civil servants implementing UMNO’s racist, religious extremist and supremacist policies (UM (Buletin) 21/6/09 at page 19).

However hard these Indian students study and excel academically 99.9% of them will not get into the 12,440 places in fully residential schools in the 39 Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) and in fully residential schools. (BH 17/1/2010 at page 16).

However well these Indian students excel, only a mere 0.1% to 1% will be taken into the 40,000 matriculation places in the nine matriculation colleges nationwide (UM 2/11/08 at page 4), and of the 163,779 places in the 20 local public Universities (UM 28/2/09 at page 23), and of a further 62,000 diploma, 60,000 degree places in the 27 local polytechnics. (UM 28/2/09 at page 23). Zero Indians are taken into the 200,000 places available in University Institute Teknology Mara although 20,000 muslim students are taken in from foreign countries.

A mere 0.1% of the RM1.24 billion government scholarships for top students to study at foreign universities and 1% of the RM1.2 billion worth of scholarships to 10,500 students undertaking degree programmes (The Star 6/4/10 at page N2) are given to Indians.
62,600 Malay muslim students sponsored by Mara including 6,831 overseas: sponsorship included critical courses areas like medicine, engineering, biotechnology, sanctuary science, accounts management and administration and architecture. (NST 20/4/10 at page 20).
The few poor Indian students who somehow make will have another uphill task in being given the opportunity to excel in their jobs, employment, profession in the private and government sectors, trade, vacation, business etc.

This alcoholism, gangsterism, molestation, graffiti, truancy, etc as reported in The Star above is a completely new phenomena among Indian students. Something unheard of even some fifteen years ago. Compliments to UMNO’s implementation of racist social engineering.

Most of the Chinese had a head start, they dominate the economy and can afford to send their children to local private or foreign universities. The less academically excelling Chinese students have to option of taking over their family business trade, vacation, profession or at worst run the thousands of Chinese food stalls.

For the poor Malays, Orang asli, Kadazan and Iban the sky is the limit where it concerns upward mobility, educational and business opportunities are concerned.
This leaves only the Indian students out of the national mainstream educational system or national mainstream development of Malaysia.
Who speaks for these poor Indian students? PKR, DAP, PAS? Malaysiakini? NGOs?

Mired in poverty, no or very little parental care arising out of poverty, implementation of racist policies by UMNO and the omission to speak up against this UMNO racism against these poor Indian students by PKR, DAP and PAS, ends in no or very little hope for these poor Indian students. Thus their very serious disciplinary problems, a new phenomena which started only in the last fifteen years or so.


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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government