Mahathir is OK with Racism but Not Same Sex Relationship

Mahathir Mohamad dismissed Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) claims that the country was a totalitarian state, pointing out that the pact had been able win in elections and form state governments.

But Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister admitted that governance would have been easier if he was a dictator.

“In Malaysia, the opposition said that we are a totalitarian state because we have had the same party ruling the country since independence but we have seen that the opposition have the chance to win at all levels of election and they are also able to form governments.

Mahathir is right to say about Malaysia not being a totalitarian state. It is overly exaggerated but it is fair to say that this government will do anything, especially manipulating the institutions and legislation, to get what it wanted including clinging on to power.

Mahathir was not a dictator. Not because he did not want to become one but the country's socio-economic structure did not allow him to become fully dictatorial. We were/are an open economy. Most totalitarian states e.g. Burma, North Korea and a few African nations are closed economy and ignored by investors (an exception if they are oil producing nations).

However, this government is racially discriminative. It practices a class divide policy which was subtly inherited from the colonial masters.

Even Mahathir sees no wrong for his party (UMNO Baru) to perpetuate racial politics and focus only on the Malays. He supported and endorsed a right-winged Malay group, Perkasa, and defended their role and extreme views on race relations.

This country, its policies and political landscape were sculptured by Mahathir.

Yet, Mahathir thinks that same sex relationship is worse than corruption, power grab (Perak), insubordination (IGP Musa), racism (Perkasa), power abuse, custodial deaths, racism and other ills.

He was able to achieve all these ills through the customary two-thirds parliamentary majority enjoyed by his party. Malaysians should take some blame for being so gullible too.

The fact is same sex relationship does not hurt anyone. Corruption, racism, power abuse and others do hurt us.


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