Idris Jala: M’sia must cut subsidies, debt by 2019 or risk bankruptcy

For the last many years, the BN Govt has been handing big ang pows to the rich Malays who are given APs, and it has been said by the BN Govt that this practice will go on until 2013 0r even 2014!

Why can’t the Govt control the issue of APs to people who want to import cars? The govt can collect RM30,000 to RM40,000 on each important cars. Why must the BN Govt decides to pass the right to collect these payments to only a handful of rich Malays?

How many APs are issued to these rich Malays a year ? Like what Rafidah did when she was minister , in giving APs and shares to her relatives?

The Malaysian Economy has deteriorated so much for the last decade because of all these handouts to the UMNO cronies. Malaysia was ahead of Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, and look at it now, it is even behind countries like Thailand, Vietnam and others in Asia !

I am sure that both you intelligent Ministers know too well why it is like that .

The Malays are treated just like the Aborigines who have been given handouts by the Australian Govt and look at them now, what state are they in ? They never improve, and actually falling more behind.

If the 2 of you are serious about improving Malaysian economy, get rid of Corruption, Nepotism and Cronyism!

Look at Sarawak in the last 25 years, what happened?

Sarawak was the richest state with plenty of Timber, oil and gas, and may I ask how much reserves/deposits the state government have?

Not only does it not have any money in its state coffers, it owes many banks billions of RM!

Why? Do you know?

Is this why Sarawak joined Malaysia ? So that the people can continue to become poor so that a few people at the top MISMANAGED the state and pocket the state’s money into their own, those of the their families and cronies ? Only a handful of Sarawakians benefit from what they have been doing ?

They are supposed to be servants of the people, but they become the masters of the people!

If both of you have any conscience, act now for the people. Do not pay lip service only and make the BN elite richer!

Feel your hearts, and use your heads please. Look at what majority of the plight of the Malaysians, instead of just serving the elite few.

We all know why Gerakan was defeated so badly in the 2008 elections and even Dr Koh lost his seat. Well, he managed to get into the Government by virtue of being appointed a Senator !
Has he not learned what he and his party was voted out after so many years in power ? I do not need to tell him at all.

Yet, what is he doing for the people now? Do you think Gerakan will be able to get their seats back from PR? If this continue, I think Gerakan and many Chinese BN parties will die a natural death !

During the Sibu by-election, Wong Soon Koh of SUPP publicly stated that hundreds of thousands of Malaysians migrated overseas because of the Opposition’s policies. I just wish he can go and talk to those who actually migrated, including the Malays, and see what they say, and do not just dream about it, or just lie to the people who may not be very knowledgeable or uneducated ! I feel Very sad and disgusted indeed that we have this sort of people as ministers !

How much has Sarawak invested in 1st Silicon and Borneo paper & Pulp projects and how much has the state profited or lost in them? How much did Sarawak borrowed and how much still remain unpaid?
How much loan interest has the state paid so far since those projects started and how much more is it expected to pay in the future?

Do you know? The people of Sarawak definitely do not know ! Is this what we call transparent Govt. Do all the monies that the State Govt has paid and continue to pay belong to just the CM and his ministers or do they belong to the people? If they belong to the people, why is it that the Sarawak people do not the info relating to how much has been spent and how much more will be spent?

If this is the type of politicians and ministers we have, Malaysia is doomed to fall and fall hard!

I just hope that the Chinese, the Natives of various states and even the poor Malays will wake up and see what they can do in the next elections. They should vote only for the people who can be their servants and not their masters.

If the 2 of you continue to pay lip service to UMNO instead of working of the good of Malaysians, I suggest that it is better for both of you to retire instead of doing more harm to Malaysians by supporting BN!

Good Luck to the 2 of you ! And thank you if you care to have read what I have written as a simple Malaysian who has no political connections at all, just like Dato Seri Idris Jala who does not belong to any political party.


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