PKR promises 'explosive disclosure' on TUDM deal

KOTA BARU: The highlight of the PKR Youth congress here today is expected to be the 'explosive revelation' of the Sungai Besi air forces (TUDM) land development deal which has been linked to an ‘associate’ of first lady Rosmah Mansur.

Disclosing this last night youth wing, Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) chief Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin said the free-spending associate was a wealthy 28-year old Chinese with ties to Hollywood.

Shamsul said the young businessman, a graduate from University of Pennsylvania in the USA, has been spotted on the Hollywood social scene with blockbuster movie, Transformers, star Megan Fox.

Promising to reveal more at today’s congress, he said: “Tomorrow (today) I will reveal things about a particular personality, a graduate of an overseas university.”

The sixth PKR national congress begins today. The three-day congress began with the joint official launch of the Young and Women’s wing congress by deputy PKR president Syed Husin Ali at the Kelantan Trade Centre here.

The congress proper, for both wings, is currently underway.
In their official addresses last night, both Shamsul and women chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin, touched on the defections of party members and the need to consolidate and prepare for the general elections.

Syed Husin in his speech stressed on the need for the party to posses credible candidates with a pronounced sense of value.

He said the process of creating a group of leaders with calibre involved training and grassroot work.

Syed Husin said while PKR was successfully increasing its supporter base what was now essential was quality of membership.

“We need members who are disciplined, politically aware and committed to the party’s struggle.
“We need members who understand and uphold the points of this struggle, and not lose their compass (bearing) when they find themselves alone,” he said.

‘Utusan Malaysia not welcome’
Meanwhile Bernama reported today that that Utusan Malaysia is "not welcome" at the three-day PKR national congress in Kota Baru.

Quoting Syed Husin, it said PKR would not chase reporters from the Malay daily out of the congress hall.

"We won't stop them. They are not invited but we won't chase them away," Syed Husin told reporters when asked about a text message received by several media represe

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