Manikavasagam: I won't leave PKR

In the wake of the unspectacular resignation of Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong, speculation has been rife that S Manikavasagam will be next on the exodus list.

The Kapar MP has however assured that he will be sticking by his party.

“I have no intention to leave PKR. No lah. I don't think so lah. I don't think it will happen,” he said to Malaysiakini today.

“I will stay put and fight. I have to fight the issue from within the party,” he said, referring to the sand-mining allegations that he has spearheaded since early this month.

Manikavasagam (left) claims that top officials in the state-government-owned company Kuala Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB) has been receiving bribes for sand mining contracts.

“Some say that it's best to thrash things out internally. To talk within the party. But I've been talking from within the party for the past few years.

“I raised the issues of the Klang bus terminal, Kampung Perepat, and then the sand-mining issue, all internally. Then what do I get? They just ask me to bring it up in Selcat. I don't trust Selcat and I certainly don't trust (Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim),” he said.

“Then this (KSSB executive director Ramli Abd Majed) tells me to resign. Well, he can go to hell,” charged Manikavasagam

His voice betrayed a tone of exasperation over the phone despite his repeated denials of plans to leave the party.

'Wee should not have resigned'

However, he expressed sadness over his compatriot Wee Choo Keong's decision to resign over the sand-mining issue.

“I don't know why he made this move. He shouldn't have (resigned). We both have to stay and fight this issue,” said Manikavasagam, who is also the PKR supreme council member and sits in the party's powerful political bureau.

When spoken to earlier, he also said that he was surprised by Wee's decision, and was not aware of it at all.

When asked if Wee's actions could be financially-motivated, Manikavasagam said he does not know, and refused to comment further.

Wee and Manikavasagam are known to be in the same clique in PKR, frequently fronting issues together.

While Manikavasagam's spat with Khalid (right) has been well-documented, his outright denial in leaving the party is a stark contrast to Wee, who had consistently sidestepped questions about rumours of his impending resignation.
But the Kapar MP has had his share of controversies.
Manikavasagam had quit his post as Selangor deputy liaison committee chairperson late 2008.

However, rumours were rife that he was on the verge of quitting the party back in September 2008 over the “lack of state government initiative” at the demolition of a 19-year-old Hindu temple in Ampang.


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