PKR gazette all 25 orang asli villages. But all 98 Tamil schools, Hindu temples & cemeteries and Indian villages are refused to be granted land

PKR gazette all 25 orang asli villages. But all 98 Tamil schools, Hindu temples & cemeteries and Indian villages are refused to be granted land and gazette by PKR Selangor.

When we state that the Bumiputera, orang asli, Kadazan, Iban and poor Malays are in effect better off than the Indian poor as they have their social safety net ie their traditional villages and ancestral land and the sky being the limit for their opening up as much land as they want to engage in agriculture and animal and poultry farming, we are in turn very conveniently labeled as racist even by PKR, DAP, PAS, NGOs, Bloggers, Indian elite, etc.

Just to divert attention from the critical Indian problems, these parties do not want to be a part of this uphill Indian battle They would rather go for the more populist orang asli.

Indian elite top lawyers like Cyrus Das and Gerald Gomez with great ease take up this latest orang asli land unjustly seized. These lawyers magnanimously stood by the orang for 14 long years until victory at the Federal Court. RM6.5 million was finally recorded as settlement. (The Star 27/5/10 at page N3).

Pray tell us of one Indian village that any Indian elite lawyer or any of the Malay and Chinese lawyers or the PKR, DAP and PAS top leadership that has taken up Indian issues to this extent? This is racism by omission while UMNO’s is racism by commission. This is the pseudo-multiracialism!

And today the Selangor PKR led state government announces that 25 orang asli villages are gazetted as orang asli villages by the PKR Orang Asli Land Task Force Chairman.

To start off with why isn’t there an Indian Land Task Force to protect the villages of the Indian poor, their Hindu temples, cemeteries and their Tamil schools? Why? Instead to do an MIC style wayang kulit the Indian Selangor Exco mandore is used by Anwar Ibrahim to cheat the Indians. Not populist enough? Why has all 98 Tamil schools in Selangor similarly not granted state land and gazetted?

To us this is racial discrimination by PKR, DAP and PAS top leadership. But when we question this racism, we instead get accused of being racists.

The PKR led Selangor state government is even prepared to break the green belt which would bring about pollution by building the new PKNS H.Q at a cost of RM90 million. (See picture of green lung to be destroyed in Star metro 27/5/2010 at page M2).

PKR ruled Selangor is the richest state in Malaysia. Last week they gave 1.2 hectres of land to a Chinese school (see The Star 21/5/10 at page N38). Today for 25 orang asli villages. The Malay muslims have their hundreds of Malay villages.

In effect it is land for all other communities in Selangor except for the Indians. Why? It is plain and obvious that all what PKR, DAP and PAS wants from the Indians is their votes. PKR, DAP, PAS are not interested in the critical problems of the Indian poor.

Indian poor temples, cemeteries, 98 Tamil schools, Indian villages, will never be granted PKR state government land and gazetted accordingly. How they is PKR, DAP and PAS any different from the previous UMNO regime?


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