INDIAN COMMUNITY----Where are we heading to?

Few days ago I attended a meeting with an organization(NGO) to discuss about one of my projects which focuses on low achievers among Indian students. Many issues regarding the community were discussed and it was really a fruitful discussion. Literally the discussion ended there but that discussion contributed to the 'discussion in my mind' One particular question sticks in my mind up to date--What actually hinders the growth of Indian community? A cliche question yet many prefer to not answer. So I decided to answer

1.) We are not really good in prioritizing things(sounds vague perhaps). In Malaysia we have 523 Tamil schools and temple--more than 100,000(not including temples which are not registered). Why do we need to spend so much of money in building more temples while our Tamil schools are lacking basic facilities. For a 'kumbaveshegam' in a temple, thousands of money spent but for the school next to the temple, not even few hundreds donated. Even if donate, some Tamil schools' organizations misuse it. How to achieve financial stability if the situation continues to be like this?

2.)Early childhood education among our children;for a group of them precisely fails. We are 7 percent of the population and yet surprisingly 60 percent of the crime is committed by our people. The worst, 14 percent of the prisoners is also our people. In education, 15 % of our students are top achievers and this group usually settle down at overseas while 30 % of our students are IPTA and IPTS students. Apart from that 40 % students belong to the below average achievers and remaining students turn out to be 'hardcore' gangsters who commit heavy crimes. The low achievers group seem to suffer the most and these students are the one who are not certain where they are heading to. What become their choice is the 'hardcore' s choice where they choose their way to live the live; shooting up the crime rate. What do these statistics suggest to us? Some where a long the way has failed our students. Some literature reviews suggest that early childhood education is the root. So we need to look back at that. At the same time, as how we have plenty of plans for top achievers, we also need to focus on low achievers

3.)UNITY is another big big big problem. Why on earth Indians are not united? I do not think I need to elaborate more on this. Think for yourself

Many of us then to blame the others for our current situation. Personally, I believe that the fault is within us. However,I believe that the problem should be tackled from the root. Time to do some 'cleansing' in our community and restructure the whole thing. We are now at a point where we need to do something for our community. If not, there is no turning back . If mothers in the family stop watching Tamil serials and fathers stop loitering at restaurants to talk about politics and divert their mind to concentrate on their children, the situation will change.Financial stability is the key for the betterment of our community. We are the minority and supposedly we should be strong. Unfortunately there are some of use here for political purpose. Community work is not genuine. Events are organized for community by some organization, associations for a cheap advertisement. NO FOLLOW UP. So how? Every individual needs to wake up and bring the change in him or her. Depending on one particular association or organization will bring us nowhere. Time to rectify ourselves and establish our own financial in dependency.

Dinesweri Puspanadan,

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