MIC sec-gen joins chorus of discontent

MIC secretary-general S Murugessan has become the second major party figure in as many days to have expressed dissatisfaction with the unilateral expulsion of four party leaders by party president S Samy Vellu.

Murugessan said he has to answer to his conscience and to the MIC delegates who voted for him and not just to one person, in reference to Samy Vellu.

"Summary dismissal is not the first option but should be the last option... The members should be given a chance to defend themselves at the disciplinary committee,” he said, during a press conference in Petaling Jaya.

Murugessan was referring to the expulsion of two Central Working Committee members KP Samy and G Kumar Amaan, along with MIC Youth wing deputy chief V Mugilan and Petaling Jaya division veteran V Subramaniam.

All four were sacked by Samy Vellu without a disciplinary hearing.

His criticisms against the dismissals follows similar remarks from Central Working Committee member P Palaniappan yesterday.

Both Murugessan and Palaniappan made the symbolic move of holding their press conferences either before are after similar events by Gerakan Anti-Samy (GAS) movement at the same venue.

However, both figures did not pledge allegiance to GAS.

Murugessan added that he is not arguing Samy Vellu's tenure nor the merit in asking for his resignation.

"What I am against the use of Presidential Powers to expel a member. That is not what Article 61.2 of the Constitution was intended for," he said.

Murugessan said that Samy Vellu himself had set the precedent 40 years ago by calling for the resignation of then MIC president V T Sambanthan.

"History is repeating itself or you can call it karma," he said, adding that joining the chorus of discontent is his contribution towards safeguarding MIC's democratic principles.

"I have stood up and am willing to face the consequences, whatever they are," he said.

While he admitted that many MIC leaders were unhappy with the sacking of the four CWC members, Murugessan could not say if they will step forward to protest.

At a press conference immediately after, Mugilan urged other CWC members to follow suit, "if they are brave".

He also said that not standing behind the ousted four will mean the end of their political career, as delegates will not vote them in again in 2012 to punish their silence today.

And KP Samy added that the CWC members had 24 hours to convene an emergency meeting "if they are concerned about (GAS's mass gathering due on Sunday)".

The gathering, which was originally meant to be held at Umno-owned Putra World Trade Centre has been moved to the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

According to Mugilan, Murugessan's statement was a "slap to (his) detractors" and that he is confident that 15,000 MIC members will be present on Sunday.

He also called on Samy Vellu to step down within the next seven days to honour the challenge he made to his former deputy S Subramaniam earlier this week.

"He said Subramaniam should resign with him, and Subramaniam has relinqushed his position as branch head of Seputeh, so Samy Vellu should be a gentleman," he said.

He also waved away the counter movement by MIC Youth, Gerakan Anti-Mugilan (GAM), saying: "Why are they being copycats?"


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