Sibu: The Arrogance Continues

A blogger, an editor of a newspaper and a newly minted Datuk congratulates the DAP and the Chinese voters for the former electoral success in the Sibu by-election.

He highlighted reactions from several bloggers who blamed the Chinese for causing Barisan's defeat. One of them even admitted to the PM's attempt to "buy" support from the Chinese voters.

"Big Dog's PM Najib wajar henti beri habuan kepada minoriti yang sombong, the blogger says Najib should stop trying to buy the loyalty of the Chinese voters. The RM18 million he pledged to this community would have served Sibu's indigenous people in the rural areas who are in greater need of help than the relatively wealthy Chinese."

It is a fact that the indigenous community did support the Barisan for fear of being further marginalised and neglected. It is a shame that the leaders of Barisan especially PBB leadership in Sarawak continue to allow the rot in the community. Remember the Penan women sexual abuse and exploitation issue? Who attempted the cover up? Barisan government.

It is a shame that this blogger (a newly minted Datuk) is trying to frame it as a racial issue. The years of threats and talk down had reached the bottleneck long before the 2008 general election.

Re delineation of constituencies will not help to prop up a regime which does not provide justice and fairness to the people. A stable government will have to depend on its solid foundation - the people's support.

Without their support, the government may have to use coercive instruments and money to force or entice support.

It is the government's duty to promote socio-economic development of the nation. The people have the right to choose their elected representative. Why must they choose a coalition who would not carry out its responsibility to govern and do it fairly?

I would like to ask the bloggers: who neglected the indigenous people? who threatened the Chinese?

For all the racist rhetoric, threats and tantrums, why should we vote for your party?


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