Hishamuddin Sleeping On The Job

Whether we agree or not Malaysia is fast becoming one of the 'kidnap capitals' of the world, like the Phillipines or Mexico. There is a kidnapping or attempted kidnapping almost everyday. I wrote about this earlier and about setting up a Kidnap Watch list. This is another kidnapping in Johor yesterday :

  • ..leaving her 19-year-old sister, her two children aged 11 and six and her maid in the car.  
  • ..the man jumped into the driver's seat, threatened them with an object that looked like a pistol and drove off with them inside.
  • finally released the group and drove off with the car and valuables worth a total of S$80,000 (RM200,000).
We have to do something about this. I believe the Law places a punishment of mandatory death on kidnappers. If so, we need to hang some of these kidnappers and publicise the sentences so that potential kidnappers will know what to expect. I think few bad hats are aware of the mandatory death sentence for kidnapping.

I hope the Police will also set up (if they have not already) a special task force to handle kidnapping cases. These things happen fast and clever kidnappers settle for quick ransoms. The public's suspicion of the Police's response time also works in favour of the kidnappers. CCTV coverage along main thoroughfares, roads and traffic junctions will certainly help. 

Another option (maybe cheaper too) will be to get cooperation from the cellular phone companies to program their systems to triangulate the last location of any cell phone number (The kidnappers will likely confiscate the victims cell phones almost immediatlely - as happened in this case - and turn off the cell phone). I think this capacity is already available.  It will be more helpful if the telcos can triangulate any other cell phone numbers detected within five feet of the victims' cells.  I think this is also possible. They may have to tweak their programs.

The Police must also publicise every kidnapping case where arrests have been made. Hopefully this will make future kidnappers think twice. 

Here is more bad news about crime :
  • Egyptian held over ATM heist
  • An Egyptian man has been detained over the RM1.17mil heist from four automated teller machines (ATM) at a hypermarket in Wangsa Maju.
  • Khairi said the masked robbers were believed to be foreigners.
One more, this time its Nigerian drug pushers again :
  • Nigerian held in Customs drug bust
  • SEPANG: A Nigerian drug mule was arrested with about 400gm of syabu in capsules that she swallowed.
  • He said initial investigations revealed that the capsules contained about 394.43gm of syabu with a street value of RM98,607.50.
Again the foreigners are committing plenty of crimes in the country. This is where the Minister of Home Affairs is still laughing hysterically while on the job. Here is a picture :

Have you received emails warning you to watch out for foeigners scamming and conning people?  Watch our for Middle Eastern types who ask you where is the nearest money changer or how much is the value of the Singapore Dollar in Malaysia etc. Before you know it, they have picked your pocket or tricked you. Plus they operate in family groups now - with wife and children all together. 

The other scam is at shopping complexes where they say "can you please try this jacket for me. You are about my father's size".  Then they help you try it on and then pick your pocket. Again they have their wives or women with them.

And the Eastern Europeans (Rumania, Russia etc) plus the South Americans (Peru, Guatemala, Colombia) are also frequently involved in crime.  The country is being flooded by these foreign criminal elements. 

The recent spate of ATM thefts as well as that theft of endoscopes at hospitals is also related to foreigners.  Here is some incredible news :
  • POLICE believe that the recent thefts of medical equipment are linked to the spate of  (ATM) break-ins. 
  • endoscopes were being used to examine the contents of ATMs.
  • two South American gangs are believed to be working together.
  • ..city police had arrested 13 South American suspects this year. They are from Guatemala, Peru and Colombia.
I think half of these criminals hang out at the malls, especially Suria KLCC. It is not difficult to spot them. You can see these Eastern European or South American types hanging around, usually in pairs, with a blank look on their faces. They dont seem to be headed anywhere. They are constantly looking at people - trying to pick out a victim. Just look at them and they move away - they get spooked.

The Iranians and Middle Easterners are a tad difficult - the women wear tudung and appear  unsuspecting. 

The Minister Hishamuddin Hussein is sleeping on the job. No one is going to declare war on Malaysia if we tighten visa procedures for countries in Africa, South America, the Middle East, including India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Untuk Iran pula kita letak syarat 'guilty until proven innocent'. We have to strictly control visas granted to Iranians. They are causing too many problems in the country.  The same goes for Africans (yes I know there are many countries in Africa) South Americans and Eastern Europeans.  

We need to establish a grading system for countries whose citizens come here and get involved in crime.  If there are too many Colombians getting involved in crime here then restrict visas for Colombians. Apa susah sangat? Even if they declare war on us, they are too far away. Their airforce cannot bomb us - they are busy transporting other smokeable stuff around.  

I believe Singapore is more selective about issuing visas to foreigners. You dont hear as many strange stories about foreigners committing crimes in Singapore. And there are more foreigners visiting Singapore than Malaysia. Yet you do not find Iranian colonies or African colonies in Singapore. We only have that here in Malaysia.  (I dont count the Indonesians because they were here first ok. Even before the Chinese, Indians and mamaks)

The genuine students, tourists and  businessman from these countries will not mind paying a certain amount of money to get a visa to come here.  If you want to go to the US you must pay a RM500 non refundable visa "processing fee".  Just the processing fee alone is RM500. If your Visa application is turned down by the US Embassy your RM500 is forfeited.  This way the riff raff are weeded out.  

Hishamuddin is sleeping on the job. Hishamuddin is more concerned with his political survival than worrying about foreigners committing crimes in the country. Talk is Hisham wants to lari from Sembrong where his chances of retaining his seat are dimming.  Either Chua Jui Ming or a Malay candidate from PKR may stand against him in Sembrong, in which case Hisham may be pushed against the wall. 

People say Hisham wants to migrate to the safe seat of Kota Tinggi which is now occupied by Syed Hamid Albar. If Hisham goes to Kota Tinggi where will Syed Hamid Albar go to? Go home maybe?   

Hisham has to stop chain smoking and pay attention to being a more effective Home Minister. Kidnappings, South American ATM thieves, Egyptian ATM thieves, African drug pushers, Iranian drug smugglers are all having a field day in Malaysia. Hisham - wake up.

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