Free tertiary education and Bawani KS

If not for Sharifah Zohra Jabeen’s uncouth and out of point replies, Bawani KS would have remained little known to Malaysians. The very subject she covered, free education till tertiary level is a good one, apparently the country could afford it, she researched.

This situation would one day materialise thanks to all those who fight for this . Nevertheless, what is pertinent today and more important is, currently private university students pay much more because public universities are subsidised. If we truly practice 1Malaysia, we must press the government to subsidise private students fees.

They are all Malaysians. The PM said in Davos that invitation to study at public universities are on merit. But because space is limited many more qualified students cannot  gain entrance, they have to enroll in private universities. Entry is more competitive at private universities.

When we saw the video clip, UUM students clapped for Sharifah as well as Bawani, bringing into question the standard of public university students. Private students are now considered smarter and meet the criteria for the employment market and their English is much more polished.

Parents of private universities are paying through their noses. Many have had to resort to selling their properties or refinancing their nest to afford the high payments.

It is most appropriate for private university students demonstrate for their studies to subsidised. The government can afford it and I dare say it is their duty as more non Malays are in the private tertiary education.

As this is a pre election era, we would like to hear from Barisan and Pakatan leaders on this subject.

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