Why is Malaysia performing so badly?

I have written 2 books namely, Malaysia Road Map to achieving Vision 2020 which has 380 pages and another book namely, New Road Map to a Developed Nation which has 50 pages. Now I am writing this short article. I hope more people especially our politicians will read it and take appropriate action to improve our performance.

At one time, Malaysia was one of the richest nations in South East Asia and based on GDP per capita Malaysia was one of the richest nations in the world because Malaysia was the biggest producer of tin, rubber and palm oil. Moreover, we have petroleum and our population is relatively small.

Our neighbours Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea became Developed Nations. They do not even have timber to build their houses.

What did Malaysia do wrongly?   

When Dr Mahathir was our Prime Minister, he declared Vision 2020 for Malaysia to become a Developed Nation. His declaration had encouraged me to write my first book.

In fact, in the last general election, I donated Rm 200,000 to help his party win more votes as you can see from the photo below. Fortunately, Pakatan Harapan managed to kick out the corrupted Barisan National government which has been in power since Merdeka in 1957. Dr Mahathir became the Prime Minister. But he stepped down suddenly and Muhyiddin came in by the back to become the Prime Minister.


Since then, Covid 19 has spread so furiously that about 2 weeks ago, we had the most Covid 19 cases per capita in the world.

Covid 19 cases in Malaysia

The number of new daily Covid-19 cases in the country remained over the 9,000 mark with 9,105 infections reported on Sunday (July 11), bringing the cumulative number of cases to 836,296, Bernama reports.

We have a total of 836,296 cases, 742,000 recovered and 6,158 deaths. As shown on the chart below the number of new cases is still surging. 



As I said many a time, managing the country is like managing hundreds of business operations in every town and city. Good managers produce good result and bad managers produce bad result. 

Why foreign Investors are leaving Malaysia?

The number of Covid 19 new cases surging simply means Malaysia has bad management. That is why many foreign investors are leaving Malaysia as reported below.

The Japanese, German and Dutch Investors told Muhyiddin that they may leave Malaysia.       

At least three international business communities in Malaysia have expressed their concerns towards the government’s poor Covid-19 response. They are the Japanese Chamber of Trade & Industry Malaysia (JACTIM) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO); the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK); and the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC).

What is the biggest road block for Malaysia to become a Developed Nation?

The biggest culprit is corruption.

If you Google “the richest world leaders of all time, you can see Dr Mahathir’s big photo. He has amassed US$ 45 billion, about Rm 190 billion. He forgets that he is already 96 years old and his remaining days are numbered. He also forgets that he cannot take money along with him when he dies.

Currently Covid 19 pandemic is affecting everybody and our economy. Millions of people cannot go to work to earn some money to feed themselves and their families.

I trust my readers will forward this article to all their friends especially politicians so that they can take appropriate action to make Malaysia a Developed Nation as soon as possible.  

 Koon Yew Yin 

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