Pro-Malay & Anti-Chinese

On the word 'racism' used by our politicians, both Government and Opposition.

There is a difference between Pro-Malay and Anti-Chinese. Anti-chinese is racism. But pro-Malay, or Pro-Chinese are not. Racism means to hate another race. We don't hate between races. So racism is a too strong word to use. Ask urself, if you hate another race, then you are being racist. But we Malays think that the effort to just bring up our race so tht they can compete with the chinese is also racist.

Why do the opposition start to use the word 'racism' to describe Malaysia's racial relation status now? For what ever the reason that may be, it is clearly working in favor of them. The Chinese (DAP) have managed to convince the Malays that 'Pro-Malay' is racism. The Malays (including UMNO), felt guilty after being labeled by such a harsh word. So they started to give in again. Meanwhile, other races thinks that the Malays are being racist (even all they want is just to bring up their own race), thus rejecting BTN, UTUSAN, MIC, UMNO, MCA or in the simplest term, BN. But funnily people don't reject DAP which is largely Chinese, PAS which is almost entirely malay and Keadilan, which is mostly Malay.

One thing the Malays may not realize is, as much as the Malays are trying to help their selves develop, the Chinese are doing so much more. So tell me, if the Malays no longer feel the need to motivate and help each other while the Chinese are, who are at the loosing end? Or perhaps the Malays are satisfied with their standings. Income percapita of Malays is below 1k. Chinese are 4k. The business shares among Malaysians, Malays are below 10%, Chinese 90%. We are good enough.

Effort to bring up the malays are considered racist.

Funnily, UMNO or more specifically Nazri Aziz accepts that UMNO or BN is being racist. Hence he called Tun Mahathir racist. Whereas Tun Mahathir, and UMNO are actually Pro-Malay. But they are certainly not Anti-Chinese. UMNO worked together with MIC, MCA, GERAKAN for more than 50 years. Mahathir has created tons of business opportunities for the Chinese.

So the opposition such as DAP and Keadilan are using the word racist. UMNO and malays, originally being Pro-Malay (without actually understanding the true meaning of the word racist) feel guilty. So everybody else starts to label a Pro-Malay as being racist. But meanwhile, Pro-Chinse or Indians are not.

It is not wrong to bring up your own race. But the word 'racism' is too catchy that Malaysians love to use it so much so it wrongly describes racial issues in Malaysia. This is causing the racial tensions.


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Anonymous said...

When non malays were working hard,the malays chosed to be sleeping partners,whose fault if malays are earning less? don't give lame excuses to rob the country,for god sake think long term will you....
You apartheid policy have created all this......blame yourselves and not others.......

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