Dr M taken charge as de facto PM?

'Who is the leader of this country? Mahathir or Najib? Lately we are seeing Mahathir giving speeches on how to run this country.'

Dr M warns of minority seeking 'power grab'

your sayJudge Navin C Naidu: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, skyscrapers, infrastructure expansion, gigantic flags to impress the Guinness Book of Records, freeways, billion-ringgit contracts, and benevolent despotism augur well for a failed state.

Your ‘leadership' was the beginning of the end. Your misdeeds are legion. Your epigones will suffer the same fate once the regime change is concluded.

Charging you for high crimes and treason is not enough. You caused rabid disaffection among the Agong's subjects, and incited them to extremism.

Your books on Machiavelli and Plutarch will not save you. I left the country because of you, and those of your ilk, especially after you muzzled the judiciary.I could not do anything because everyone was painfully afraid for their families and their future. I took mine with me and came here (Seattle, Washington) for a spell of almost 23 years.

Anonymous #32993250: Come off it, Mahathir, you are paranoid that Pakatan Rakyat will take power come next election with a small majority.

This fear in you has clouded your judgement, hence resorting to blame the LGBTs (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community), who have always been on the fringes of civilisation from ancient times.

You being from the medical profession are expected to understand why such people exist. It is quite clear that you want create a fear that the opposition is made up of weird people and only Umno politicians are God's choice to plunder this country's wealth.

Ohakimm: Mahathir should not be worried if they (he/BN/Umno) form the majority, as only the majority can take over Putrajaya.

His double talk confirms that he knows that they are the minority and hence they are dragging the call for elections.

Anonymous_3e21: Now who is the leader of this country? Mahathir or Najib? Lately we are seeing Mahathir giving speeches on how to run this country.

Is this a sign that he is back in charge? Is Najib so powerless now that Mahathir has to take back seat?

LittleGiant: The ‘minority' does not want to grab power. It just wants the ‘majority' to stop being power crazy.

The minority wants the majority to stop looting this country. The minority wants to save this country from racist politicians.
The minority wants to establish civil liberties in its true form and wants the majority to respect it. The minority wants the country's judiciary to regain its freedom and dignity and punish corrupt politicians and officials without fear or favour.

The minority demands fair and free elections so that the majority will live in peace and harmony.

It is the minority that is voicing for the majority and is struggling to get the respect and recognition it deserves. The minority is not greedy for power.

ACR: The minority in the context of present-day Malaysia are:

1) Perkasa's 20-30 hooligans who create trouble off and on.

2) Umno members and supporters.

3) Beneficiaries and cronies of the Umno gravy train.

For a country the size of Malaysia, for Mahathir to pretend that a 100,000 to 200,000 crowd at a rally is a minority movement, is sheer stupidity.

The five-year mandate was given to Ahmad Abdullah Badawi, not to Najib. I am amazed that there are still organisations inviting Mahathir to put across his garbage.

Twilight: Have a clean and fair election by granting all the eight demands Bersih outlined, then the real majority government shall emerge.

Right now, it is a corrupt, half-past-six government which is there because of the blind Election Commission, allowing all types of irregularities including dead men and women, to vote.

Blind Freddo: Mahathir, Malaysia is already a failed state because the majority remained silent. It can't possibly get much worse. Though it might if the majority still remains as silent as they are at the moment.

Gen2indian: Asking for fair and clean elections is wrong?

When you deny long-suffering rakyat all other means to express their frustration, where else can they go but to the streets and hope the world press will highlight the massive fraud we call elections?

The old man must be really worried that his crimes against the country will catch up with him post-GE13.

Multi Racial: Dr M is right, the minority could cheat their way into power this time. It is obvious Pakatan has the majority support and BN has the minority's.

But BN may do anything to win and if they win, then Dr M is right as the minority get to rule and I totally agree with Dr M, this is wrong.
This is what happened to Perak where Pakatan won the state as the majority voted for them.

But BN stole it away through some irresponsible state assembly men and women whom Malaysians suspected were bribed. This is a classic example of minority rule.

The Sensibility: Mahathir, you have lost all the respect of the silent majority who previously had admiration for you. The rakyat now realised what sort of person you are.

You hated former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi so much that you still made statements against him which the ordinary people find it hard to believe that they are from a so-called statesman.

Supercession: Silly old man is at it again. I'd say on the scale of 0-10, his desperation level is now at 7.

Wait till GE13 and he will hit the rabid 10 with his anti-logic, history-defying twisted arguments to help Umno help him salvage his name.

At which point, Singapore's former premier Lee Kuan Yew will laugh out loud at him and say, 'Haven't I always said you're a third world inferior mind with delusions of grandeur?'

We say to him; too late, old man, the die is cast. You're beyond redemption, and you're going down in history as a self-hating old man torn apart by your inner demons.

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