Malaysians are fed up with the Malaysian police attitude

Protesters denounce police’s BN bias
July 4, 2012
The demonstration at Bukit Aman was sparked by the recent attack on Guan Eng and the threat on Ambiga’s life.
KUALA LUMPUR: About 40 people demonstrated outside the Bukit Aman police headquarters today, alleging that the force applied a double standard in enforcing the law when the offences are tied to political issues..
The protest was sparked by two recent incidents—the physical attack on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng by demonstrators affiliated with Perkasa and an Umno MP’s call for Bersih leader S Ambiga to be hanged.
Today’s demonstrators were led by the NGO WargaAMAN, whose secretary, S Barathidashan, told FMT afterwards that the police had lost credibility with a large section of the public.
“People are fed up with the police for always pretending to be in the dark when offences are committed by BN leaders or members or supporters,” he said.
He accused the force of dereliction of duty in its failure to take action against Lim’s attackers and the Umno MP who wanted to go after Ambiga’s neck, Mohamad Aziz of Sri Gading.
He said it was such negligence that had encouraged anonymous death threats against Ambiga.
“We have lodged police reports all over the country against Mohamad over his racist remarks, but there has been no action from the police,” he said.
Barathidashan claimed that the protest in Bukit Aman was successful despite the low turnout because the participants were able to voice out their dissatisfaction against the police.
Among the protesters was Teluk Intan MP M Manoharan of DAP. Several NGOs sent their representatives, Barathidashan said.

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