What people say about Mahathir

Mamakutty is the one most treasonous to this country by offering free citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants esp in Sabah. He should be charged for high treason and that's why they have so much hesitation setting up an RCI there, and now this is being aped by Najib in the other states. Even if they set up a RCI, they will put biased people like Hanif. And even if they put good people there, they will still not abide with the recommendations of the RCI. 

Why kuti did not mention why Malaysia is importing radioactive soil from Aust.? Is he saying that any imports is OK but export is not OK? Is he patriotic? Or is he looking for some other excuses to divert out attention from BN's corruptions, racial disharmony, etc. If he is honest, talk straight!, Johor has been selling sands by lorries and barges to Singapore for so many years!!!!A snaky old fart!

 There are some old recalcitrant bastards who kept barking just to create attention, and ,for their selfish gains, they craftily project an image of sincerity by cleverly acting as if they take great concern to safeguard the nation's' interest. These bastards are good at seniwara, but the Rakyat knows about their hypocrisy.

Mamat Kutty always talk cock. Do not trust this slimeball.

Look at how he demonises the British. Without the British, there will be no rubber and oil palm plantations in Malaysia. To this day, we depend upon palm oil and its products.

His vicious nature always shows through. Look at how he attacks Anwar, Badawi and Khairy to this day. Because of his persistent attacks on Anwar to try to destroy him, UMNO is now faced with a split in the Malay votes and UMNO will lose the next elections. He is so full of venom. I believe he will go to hell when he dies and burn in the flames of his own hatred.

From his behaviour and those of the mamaks in Penang, I now change the Malay proverb: If you see an Indian and a Mamak, you kill the Mamak first.

While in Reality he's just a two bit jackass, DEMAGOGUE, DICTATOR, and complete MORAL MORON who managed to DECEIVE the gullible umno Melayus no end through unceasing media propaganda and indoctrination from day One. Too many complicit people akso were willing to bodek this arrogant DECEIVER and entrenchrf him in power.

Not willing to ascertain whether HE HIMSELF is the cause of his failure, he chose the simple way out by blaming the Chinese and Indians.

That is when he started his infamous CRUTCH MENTALITY to justify his OWN FAILURE. And the Malays in this country were repeatedly brainwashed to accept his CRUTCH MENTALITY, accepting Mamakutty's personal failures as an inborn weakness of the Malay race. The spirit of determination and hard work were completely wiped out, no thanks to Mamakutty.
 To refer to his BIG EGO is rather too mild a description. This demonic jerk conducts himself like he's the Demigod this side of the Universe. Any alert and observant person can easily realize that all his arguments actually are devious and spoken with a FORK TONGUE for his own concealed selfish benefits. An evil and most unjust dolt who cast himself as a just man and wise!!

Mahathir, as everyone knew all along, was NOT, NEVER and can NEVER be a MALAY or belong to the Malay ancestory. He was, is and will always remain a half-breed product of Kerala Mamak. However, he 'usurped' the role of a Malay after writing the book "THE MALAY DELIMMA" in the late 1960s wherein he "captured the imagination" of UMNO Malays
as a 'saviour' of the Malay Race. Henceforth, he managed to 'influence' and 'inflame' his political ambition to be the leader of the Malays. And the stupid UMNO leaders gave him all the 'weapons' he needed to rise up to the Prime Ministership position. When he took over, he removed the Malay Lord Presidwent, Tun Salleh Abbas, he sacked 4 Malay Supreme Court Judges (with a Chinese Judge as well), he removed the discretionary powers of granting consent to the King in all Laws passed by Parliament, he removed all powers of every Malay Ruler to withhold Enactments passed by the State Legislative assembly. Last but not least, he established a Royal Court to try any Malay Ruler who had been found wanting and hence, removed all the Royal Immunities.Are these not proofs that Mahathir had a grudge against the very 'Malay Institution' in the country?

mahathir is the cause of the majority malays feeling superior, he has indoctrinated malay supremacy and bumi privilege, which is all condemned in the quran. i urge all non muslims to read translated versions of quran, its just one book. we have read hundreds in our lives...once we the nons understand the quran, then we see how utterly hipocritical the muslims here are, the pick and choose certain surah, but the quran has thousands of surah which will inevitably contradict another if taken out of context...remember the law, the more is written, the more is the chance to get it questioned. the bible however only has mark matthew luke and john with very simple gospels...

This Pariah Bastard Motherfucker is a fake Malayand founder of the fake Umno called Umno B. you decide what B stands for and be as creative as possible.
Heard that he is the real founder of Perkosa and a 1000% supporter of Jati and Pekida
He is the Father of Racism and Father of Corruption of Malaysia

Why can' this moron M have some decency and grace in him. Always instigating hatred towards the other races and other countries especially Singapore. He is never grateful of others except to his cronies. Always spewing threats and negative views. He has no good things to say. I think he has a chip on his shoulder and having a inferiority complex and oral diarrhoea.

Due to his ABUSE OF POWER, Corruption, Bailouts, Subsidies and Direct Awards to UMNO BN CRONIES, were the order of the day. Consequently, there were massive leakages and Wastages in the economy which have to be borne by the ordinary rakyat even today. And a tiny country with no resources, is now ahead of Malaysia economically.

Mamakutty is a MASSIVE FAILURE, even when the country is blessed with vast resources including oil and gas. 

The root of corruption and abuse was planted by this evil and crooked and corrupted racist mamak called mahathir. Corruption and abuse become worse by the days and it has now become UMNO way of life!

I am sorry if I state here again how should such a cruel individual be punished? Hitler committed suicide, this mamak is far worse than Hitler. I sincerely hope he goes to the next world soon through a painful and tragic journey!
mahathir the garbage, how malays got fooled by words of this piece of global crap. america and all powers cannot believe the kind of language mahathir talks and gets away, the jew condemnation. today all malays think zion jew is bad,, but do they know the actual stories? 

 This mother fcuking bastard from Kerala, India is the most corrupt despot in the world and all his family members and this dirty old fucking pikibastard must die!

 this half breed mamak is one sick fcuk and can't wait for him to die a horrible death!! This is one sick evil fuck!! A man who is prepapred to deny his own ancestry to steal and rob the country as a self proclamined Melayu? mana boleh you kutty half breed! Can we believe anything you say? you mamak kerela!

correct correct correct- where was 1M when this famous line was spoken>> 1M is the cleanest man - he cleaned malaysia by taking our nation to the best LAUNDRY__ so clean now- BERSIH- AMANAH n CEKAP. ha ha hi hi

Mahataik speaks like this through his asshole all the time. Give him 30% and see him shut up!

mamak king was biadap to all the rulers in his time. why UMNO and police don't want to re-open the case to question mamak king?? well, they re-opened azmin ali's case from the 1990s...

why the malay rulers keep quiet?? and champion of malay rights perkosa keep quiet??

becos mamak king says its okay for melayu to mudah lupa? this filthy keling snake will say anything as long as it suits his keling mamak blood...

wooi...melayu...bangun lah !!!! bukak mata n telinga.... kenal lah siapa yang tipu dan rompak kamu.
bukan towkay towkay cina....
yang rompak kekayaan negara tu semua kroni mamak keji ni.

 The saddest part is that many Malaysians are taken in by the warped logic of Mahathir and the GOM on many other issues as well. The half century history of the current ruling political regime has proven again and again that it just simply cannot be trusted to manage the wealth and resources of the country for the benefits of its general citizenry. The level of corruption,greed and all kinds of discriminations that is created and perpetuated by the ruling political parties is no more a secret, in fact openly acknowledged as such by the ruling government itself; and yet we have many Malaysians who continue to place their blind trust and the future of themselves, their children and their children's children, in the hands of this government.

 Much has been said about this politician M. He wants not only his way but the rest, including the PM, to act without doubt according to his perception. Right or wrong is immaterial. Anything the country does, must gear towards his personal agendas.

MUKRIZ is groom to continue his dream.

 This international moron Mamakuttymahathiar has no business sense. He will only come to his senses if the sand export license is given to his intelligent sons. Look at all the bisinesses decisions he had made during his reign of 22 years! They were mostly failures due to poor decision or massive corruption. Who really benifitted from the deals? The answer were his clever sons and cronies. Billionaires the day they were born!
We must thank Allah for gracing Malaysia with this bountiful gift of wealth for him to squander and yet remaining afloat!

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