Will Dr M and Najib surrender unconditionally if BN loses GE-13?

Will Dr M and Najib surrender unconditionally if BN loses GE-13?
Pakatan Rakyat leaders have been prudent and wise in having the foresight to question if Prime Minister Najib Razak's BN coalition would hand over power in a smooth and efficient manner if it loses the 13th General Election, as that would be the first time in the history of Malaysia that the BN actually loses the mandate to govern.
As the possibility of Pakatan taking over the reins of power looms likely with each passing day of delay in holding the GE, will BN surrender “unconditionally” when they are booted by the Malaysian electorate?
In the wake of recent exposes and scandals of BN leaders, it is necessary for Malaysians to gauge accurately what is happening in the country and to be prepared to boot the corrupt and inept and deadwood from holding political office.
With grace or stubborn resistance
But the big question posed by Pakatan leaders, most recently by DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, seems to be lurking in every Malaysian voter’s mind. Will BN be able to accept defeat gracefully or will there be stubborn resistance in handing over power?
It has become glaringly evident that the Malaysian government formed by the BN or Barisan Nasional has failed to govern in an accountable manner in the past and in the present and are surefire candidates to be given the boot by fed up Malaysians.
The spate of accusations against BN politicians of freely, in unbridled fashion, spending the hard earned money of the people include the bad example of the Prime Minister himself and his wife in gala holiday and shopping trips abroad, his murkier-by-the-day RM7.3bil Scorpene submarines corruption scandal, the RM250mil National Feedlot Corporation fiasco, the RM12.5bil Port Klang Free Trade Zone debacle and a list that seems to be growing longer the more that Najib tries to buy time to appease the angry electorate.
Corruption from the time of Mahathir regime
There can be no smoke without fire and it is easily evident to any person who follows the daily activities of the government to believe that there is more than a grain of truth in all these accusations that is enough to disgust them and that these corrupt activities have been ongoing from the days of the reign of the Mahathir regime three decades ago.
What has been happening since the emergence of Mahathir as a seemingly maverick developer of this country is not difficult to surmise.
The political leaders Malaysians have unfortunately endorsed to be in positions of authority have ganged up like thieves to drain the national coffers for the benefit of the minority while the wealth that has been accumulated from economic growth has failed to be equitably distributed among the masses.
But there seems to be honor among these gang of thieves as they back up and cover each other.
BN’s siphoning strategy
From the pilfering days of Mahathir to Badawi’s disastrous tenure to the current administration, the status quo has been earnestly maintained by Barisan Nasional in a deceptive cloak-and-dagger role play where the crooked have not only been able to siphon the gains of economic growth but also be able to ensure that they get off scot free of any punishment or conviction.
It’s really a very clever and sly ploy almost going to perfection by Barisan Nasional leaders, but it doesn’t take a genius to eventually smell a rat especially since there is now overwhelming evidence which can be corroborated by investigations of an open and transparent nature to assure everyone that in Malaysia there has been widespread abuses and corruption in the political arena.
Fortunately, and thankfully, in the end, the truth has a way of coming out.
Difficulties of combating corruption
It’s a titanic struggle for Malaysia to combat corruption.
This is because the system of governance that has evolved over the last three decades has been structured in such a manner as to ensure that corrupt practices are used as standard operating procedure in the process of governing the nation.
It is also not hard to believe now and very apparent that there are people in power who are above the law in this country.
While this has served well the governing elite, their cronies and respective families and sycophants, it has failed to ensure that fair play and justice are in order which has resulted in a vast majority of Malaysians being actually denied their rightful dues and to also be forced by the government to accept that corrupt practices is the norm and seemingly the way forward.
The Malaysian government, despite being endowed with many resources and people with talents, skills and abilities, has unfortunately decided to opt for a dangerous path of action but whereby now discontent among the people is beginning to foment as expected
Need for new leaders with integrity
The failure to conform to the tenets and obligations of true democracy and the dissension and discord that is now beginning to spew is set to witness a call for leaders with the well being of the nation and its people to come forward and take over the reins of power, from the obviously inept and corrupt, to administer with truth and integrity.
It should be that despite the plentiful resources that Malaysia has, that only right-thinking and fair minded leaders be allowed to determine the fate of all our resources and that only those with the highest good for the people be allowed to lead and serve in this country.
Those who fail the acid test by voters should be given the boot and voters should be on guard so as not to be hoodwinked by candidates standing for election.
The future of Malaysia rests with the voter and it is the responsibility of voters to be entirely honest and true in the process of casting their votes.
Smear campaigns and gutter politicking
Votes should only be cast for candidates who have the capability and the ability, those with a tested and tried, proven track record of being able to lead and get the desired results, are the only candidates who can fulfill the wishes and desires of the people.
These are the candidates the voters should rightfully and wisely opt for, those who set aside their own ambitions to sacrifice in serving the people and who are willing to unselfishly share the gains and achievements with the people.
These are the candidates voters should earmark and undoubtedly vote for in the coming 13th GE and simply discard the rest.
But the truth of the matter is that BN, its leaders especially Mahathir and Najib, their cronies and sycophants, are all hell-bent on discrediting and destroying Pakatan and its leaders at any cost.
This is why at this juncture, your guess is as good as mine if they would hand over power to Pakatan in a gracious manner or become sore losers and create even more trouble for Malaysians once they lose the 13th GE?
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