BN's window dressing policy and creating beautiful figures by hiding the truth

It's been 54 years for BN, the results turn to be the worst than expectation by public. Under the carpet was well practiced for the past 25 years. Damages were done by previous premiers and now followed by Badawi and Najib. None of them are stopping or solving the problems that will create a tragedy to our country under taxpayers cost (Indonesia went through that with a signifcant amount of bail-out by IMF some yeras back).

Petronas domestic and overseas earnings is not known and financial report is not transparent (it's owned by Malaysians by right), other revenues from taxes, duties, natural resources, services and etc not reported to public at all (government must publish the yearly financial statement to all taxpayers and voters to proof their credibility, not through word of mouth (as though marketing BN & allies through government owned TV stations).

Almost 60% from RM 440 billion EPF funds taken by government without any agreement to bail cronies and for many other personal luxury reasons which is a major failure by government management (The EPF members must protest and come out with immediate solution at any cost to stop this day time robbery by billions which probably may not provide funds for members at maturity date. The power of EPF members is required to have 50% of private & balance by others as the management to manage the whole EPF funds instead of serious abuse for the last 20 years by government former and current premiers. It indicates all the premiers are good at window dressing and creating beautiful figures by hiding the truth for many years started since Tun Mahathir.

As a whole we tax payers, EPF members and voters has the full rights to determine who and how the country should be managed instead of the crooks way of management which falls at public cost at all time. Don't wait, change them before they revenge on us by swindling all the public funds silently.

Tip of the day: A toilet in the ministers office is well managed at tax payers fund. You may have few of labors to clean, wash, polish, perfumed a single toilet on 24/7 basis. The public needs to pay as high as RM 2/- to use a public toilet in the country and the condition ....... you'll know better.

Is that fair to tax payers. Put a thought and think should we need such leaders or we want leaders to share the same toilets that we the public does.

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