The play-masters who want to oppress Malaysians in this day and age

Written by Maclean Patrick, Malaysia Chronicle

The public anger against the Peaceful Assembly Bill, first proposed two months ago during Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Malaysia Day speech where he promised a repeal of oppressive laws, is founded.That's right, Malaysians should be upset at the government's duplicity in pulling such a fast one over them.

Let make it clear right at the start. It is the fundamental and constitutional right of all Malaysians to walk freely on this fair land and to have their voices heard. Yet, it is clear by now that the current establishment is out to stifle the voices of the people through legislative means ahead of a general election that has been touted to be the Mother of All Elections.

Indeed, the signs are clear that BN will not do well in the coming GE 13; something their own top leaders are very aware of. Najib is a popular leader but only according to the mainstream media and to his exorbitantly-paid public relations people. Ask the ordinary folk, and they will giggle. IOf course, they won't come to see him if 'sponsors' weren't there to hand freebies and goodies. Then ask them, is Najib a capable leader? This time, instead of giggles, you are likely to hear thunderous laughter and snorts of scorn. The answer is fairly easy to deduce.

Worse still, it now appears Najib may also be a leader who has lost touch with the situation on the ground.

The introduction of the Peaceful Assembly Bill follows hot on the heels of the arrest of 13 men in Sabah under the Internal Security Act. Yes, the ISA is still in affect since the motion to have it repealed has been delayed till next year. Technically, from now until the date of its motion to be repealed, the ISA is still very much alive.

Both the Peaceful Assembly Act and the ISA have something in common, and this peculiarity showcases what may be the shallowness of Najib’s understanding of what sort of life and lifestyle that Malaysians aspire to these days. Two square meals are no longer enough. A good job, car, house, money in the bank is good if it is possible. However, this is out of reach of the majority of Malaysians. And even if all have access to such, it won't be enough. You see, Malaysians also want 'quality of life'. They want to participate in life. This means having a say in issues that affect the lifestyles and future.

Both the Assembly Bill and the ISA give the Home Minister the final say on who or what can be banned and placed under detention without trial.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein is the hidden hand or play-master behind intoduction and the use of these two, most repressive of acts in Malaysia. And if many are wondering who came up with the contents of the PSA, the finger should be pointed to Hishammuddin Hussein. Interestingly, the Home Minister did not read out the PSA in Parliament, but left the job to the Prime Minister, citing voice problems - the Home Minister lost his voice. Was his own Assembly Bill so horrible that it robbed him of his voice?

It seems a case of the chef cooking up a complex dinner menu and leaving it to the host of the house to explain to his guest, why the food tasted so bad!

And with all things Barisan Nasional, there are no clear explanation as to why such odd restrictions were dreamt off in the Assembly Bill nor are we informed as to why 13 men were detained under the ISA. Bear in mind, the 13 men detained were PAS members and the reason so far was that “they were very dangerous men”. It is not far-fetched to predict that we will be presented with some rather incriminating “evidence” soon as to the 13 men’s guilt but that will come after much public pressure, leaving us to wonder - how much of the evidence was fabricated or worse, forcibly extracted?

It is a shame to insinuate that Najib has no idea what is happening in this country. He may be the poster-boy of Barisan Nasional and one who makes the most glowing of announcements, mimicking the style of ace presenter, the late Steve Jobs when selling Apple products. But that is all Najib seem to be good at.Overseas trips, spending and slip-shod work when he returns.

Make no mistake though, he and Hisham - who is also his trusted cousin - are the play-masters in the latest Assembly Bill and the ISA arrests. It is not the police who have final say in what and who can hold assemblies or be detained without trial. It is Hishammuddin, by virtue of being the Home Miniser, who has the ultimate say as the police would report back to him.

What disaster is now in store for Malaysia? It is scary to have the likes of Hishammuddin waiting and biding his time to sit in the premier's seat, which is the ultimate goal of his political ambitions. The introduction of the Assembly Bill and the repeal of the ISA are not "revolutionary" nor a "giant leap" as Najib insists.

Instead, the Bill and its crude and blatant purpose of wanting to oppress Malaysians in this day and age give reason for Malaysians to have a revolution and return the mandate of authority back to the people. Malaysia is better run by its citizens than to be commandeered by a pack of half-baked and corrupt politicians.

Malaysia Chronicle

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