The rakyat shall march with the lawyers

'Well done, lawyers. All Malaysians should join the lawyers in this march and Bersih should march with them.'

Lawyers to march against Assembly Bill

your sayEquinox: "It is not a piece of legislation that we want future generations to inherit, without us walking, and spending every ounce of our energy to oppose. If this piece of legislation makes it to the statute books, future generations will inherit a nation that is far from modern and progressive," said Bar Council chairperson Lim Chee Wee.

The future generations include PM Najib Razak's and all the Umnoputras' children too. Their own children's freedom will be as much jeopardised by this Peaceful Assembly Bill as those who are opposed to the bill now.

Are they so short-sighted as to think that they will always be in power and will never be at the receiving end of such a repressive law?

Think again, Umno. Don't condemn your own children and grandchildren to a dark future.

Ruben: Lawyers, I am so proud of you and I am so proud that my child, who is determined to study law and become a lawyer, has made the right decision.

All of you are indeed the beacon of democracy and the champions of the rakyat.

I would like to join the assembly. Can Bersih, Suhakam, Suaram, etc, please organise something similar so that the ordinary rakyat can show their displeasure at such a ridiculous law?

Sarawakian_3ff9: This time, the lawyers will find many others will march along with them. I hope the lawyers themselves are committed and come out in full force. The rakyat expect that of you.

Keepsmiling: Well done, lawyers. All Malaysians should join the lawyers in the march and Bersih should march with them.

Blogsmith: I hope some members of the Bar will read my comment. Congregating at the Lake Club where there is not much parking will make it difficult for many to drive to the assembly point.

Please do something like what was done in the ‘Walk for Justice'. Hire some bus for those who wants to support and participate in the march.

TehTarik: Kudos to the Bar Council for taking a firm stand. Many Malaysians are very disappointed with the PM. This deceitful act of the PM and the government will not be forgotten.

The credibility of the PM, in the eyes of young Malaysians, is also sinking fast as the cat is out of the bag. He only pretends to be a reformer but he is not. Now we know, who was the ultimate backer of all the hate articles in Utusan Malaysia.

Also I hope that millions of silent Malaysians will pray for the safety of these righteous lawyers, who are marching to protect the basic rights of all citizens.

RR: It is a paramount duty of the Bar Council to comment and recommend changes to the law of the land, whether sought or not.

Nonetheless, I think children under 15 and pregnant mothers should not be allowed in the assembly in the context of Malaysian political arena.

There will always be some troublemakers planted from racist political parties who will trigger trouble in the midst of a peaceful march. This will only endanger the children and the pregnant mothers. The Bar Council should take cognisant of this fact.

Kim Quek: Right move! BN knows only the language of force. Other NGOs, and all Malaysians, must do likewise - backing up our demand with action.

Rajakera: The only reason they are doing this is to stop the opposition from presenting their case to the rakyat. If a protest or ceramah is going to be peaceful, why then has there to be a ban against it?

Obviously, it is to keep the already misinformed public from knowing the truth of BN's mismanagement of the country.

Zz2XX: It is great to see the lawyers rise to the occasion yet again. All Malaysians must send this message to Umno and Najib that the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 must go. Period.

Ambiga: Even Burma allows street demos

Josephine: After 54 years of BN reign, Malaysia has come to this - that we are a less free a country as compared with Burma.

I think Malaysia should stop boasting about being the world's first or biggest or best in anything. What is point of boasting when Malaysians are still treated like idiots who cannot think for themselves?

Quigonbond: The bill is wrong is so many ways. It is unconstitutional in placing statutory and discretionary curbs on assembly.

It discriminates against the poor with the threat of bankruptcy. It discriminates against children, the singular disenfranchised class. It is likely to discriminate, through police discretion, against the opposition coalition.

This bill is aimed not only at an impending Bersih 3.0 when electoral reform fails to materialise, but also post-general election protests when BN wins through foul means. We need to stand up to it.

There is nothing more important for us Malaysians to do this weekend than to make our feelings on this bill known to the federal government.

Tkc: The new Burma bill disallows peaceful assemblies in four areas only: government buildings, schools, hospitals and embassies.

Contrast that with our proposed bill that disallows protests near dams, reservoirs, water catchment areas and treatment plants, petrol stations, hospitals, fire stations, airports, railway stations, public transport terminals, ports, canals, docks, wharves, piers, bridges and marinas, places of worship, kindergartens, schools and last but not least, on the streets.

Heck, if this bill gets passed, the only place where we can assemble peacefully is in the jungle.

Compass: Send Najib to Burma for a study tour.

Avatar 111: It looks like we have to use Burma as a benchmark for our democracy. Way to go, Malaysia.

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