What a totally hopeless Deputy Prime Minister

I find it incredulous that so much angst and disbelief has been exhibited by Opposition politicians, pundits and readers of news portals over the lies that Lim Guan Eng’s son had behaved inappropriately towards a girl in his school and the matter was hushed up.

This is Umno (and BN). Should any of us be surprised with politicians from that party?

It has been my point for a while that the only hope for Umno is for the party to lose it all at the next polls, and do a major overhaul while in the wilderness, find new leaders, rediscover a moral core and come back.

The party is tired, bankrupt of ideas or people of integrity. It is a fallacy to believe that the second line of politicians such as Khairy or that Kota Belud MP will be any different from the corrupt batch of ministers and MPs who sad to say are leaders of Malaysia.

Either Muhyiddin cannot read or he is not so intelligent to understand what the media have been reporting during the last few days (How true!). Not only has the principal of the school where the alleged incident was said to have committed came out to refute the lies by the Umno bloggers, but the so-called victim whose photograph was used by the unethical and uncouth Umno people has also issued a strong statement refuting their wicked lies.

Comment by Thomas Lee Seng Hock

I am simply amazed and stunned that a person of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s status can come out with such a stupid comment on the case of Lim Guan Eng’s son.

The Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister (sic) has remarked that Guan Eng’s denial of the sexual harassment claims against his son was “inadequate”.

Muhyiddin told the media on Saturday 22 October 2011 that if the Penang chief minister “thinks it is important to correct the information, then he has to come up with a strong statement; mere denial is not enough.”

Low intellect and low culture

What “strong statement” does the deputy prime minister and Umno deputy president expect Guan Eng to come out with to counter the evil personal assault against his son? Any simple person with just simple common sense will know that the whole mischievous fiasco was fabricated with the deceitful intent of sabotaging the political achievements of Guan Eng, especially so after the strong denial by the school principal and the firm refutation by the young lady named in the false accusation.

The most crude and crummy statement by the deputy prime minister is surely a very sad reflection of the quality of our federal leaders, whose intelligence is generally found wanting. How can we achieve the status of a developed nation and high-performance citizenry when our deputy prime minister, who is also the education minister, is a person of such irrational and irresponsible character?

What's is more, can we trust to have such a bunch of brainless leaders at the Federal level leading the country out of the gloomy and uncertain situation ?

Lousy Education minister

Muhyiddin’s performance as education minister has been the subject of contemptuous ridicule and derision among the educated class and intelligentsia of the nation, especially his inconsistent and fickle policy on the use of the English language in the teaching of science and mathematics. His constant changing merry-go-round manaeuvre of the schooling system is confusing not only the students, but the teachers and parents, too.

Evaluating his comment on the case of Guan Eng’s son objectively will lead us to the conclusion that Muhyiddin is certainly not fit to be a government leader, and it is surely horrifying to think that he may even become the prime minister one day! If we entrust the nation into the hand of such people, who lack the character, wisdom, intelligence, credibility, and integrity, then woes betide us.

PM and other BN leaders just as bad

And while I am on this issue of Guan Eng’s son, I want to say that the silence on the part of the prime minister and leaders of the Barisan Nasional component parties like the MCA and MIC is surely deafening.

The whole fiasco should be publicly censured and condemned by all right-thinking and righteous persons, but the Umno president is apparently condoning the dastardly diabolical smear campaign against Guan Eng and his son by keeping quiet. Any real and credible statesman would take a firm stand against such disgusting (dishonorable) evil action on the part of the Umno bloggers, express real strong revulsion and profound indignation on the matter. But not the Umno president or any of the Barisan Nasional component party leaders.

So sad that these are the people on whom the destiny of the nation is dependent on now.

Unite at the ballot box, do something about it

Hence, I believe it is time that all true and patriotic Malaysians who love the country and call Malaysia their home should unite at the ballot box to create a political revolution to bring about a real transformation to the life and thoughts of the nation and its people. This has nothing to do with racial affiliation or religion affinity, but simply the coming together of all peace-loving Malaysians to bring about the installation of a competent, accountable and transparent (CAT) federal government comprising aficionado leaders who are morally righteous, truthful, honest, credible, incorruptible, and people-centric.

The fate of our nation lies in our hands, in how we vote at the next general election. We either break the long-time bondage of being under a crooked and corrupt regime, or we bring in a new era of transformed and transfigured people-centric administration operating on the profound democratic principle of government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Start the change.... start today... spread the word... safe others to safe our selves and the country. We can make the difference ... don't do nothing.

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