Looking at the call for people to give a helping hand to show support that the PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY BILL be immediately withdrawn by the Bar Council with the organising of a protest walk from Royal Lake club to Parliament House starting at 11.30am tomorrow.

For sure, the police would be taking steps to curb this peaceful walk from taking place by having police road-blocks, using chemical laced water cannons, tear gas and arresting peaceful protesters.

One major problem faced by the police is that since after a long holiday due to Awal Muharram, the traffic and movement of people is going to be a lot and to create chaos will further undermine the credibility and integrity of police force. But as usual, the police would not care for the public and would continue to give grave inconveniences to the public while listening to their political masters.

Police need to realise that during the Bersih 2.0 rally recently, the police had failed miserably in ensuring the rally from proceeding while underestimating the turn-out of the crowd although after creating a complete 'standstill' or movement of people into the city. Reliable figures indicate a crowd of 50,000 while police official figure indicate a mere 6,000. But whatever the figure, the police had FAIL and should realise that they should understand the FEELING OF THE RAKYAT.

The PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY BILL proposed by UMNO/BN in a RUSH has many FLAWS and trying to make it in force on Tuesday, 29 November shows UMNO/BN does not LISTEN to the rakyat although UMNO/BN always claims that they will serve the rakyat with dedication.

It is hoped that with the presence of more than 50,000 people tomorrow will not only tarnish the reputation of the present UMNO/BN federal government but will be A WAKE-UP CALL to the rakyat to vote UMNO/BN out of parliament and state assemblies completely during the forthcoming 13 General Elections.

As usual the people in Kuala Lumpur are going to be in "choas' with the greater number of police personnel and we could also expect a STANDSTILL.

But one thing is for certain the protest walk will continue unless the federal government announces it is withdrawing the Bill.

More people are going to be arrested, tear-gased, hit by chemical-laced water cannons, BUT THE SPIRIT OF CLAIMING FREEDOM will never undermine their struggle.

See you all in full force tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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