Najib Razak has also committed one or all seven of the Cardinal sins, which are pride, anger, lust, envy, greed, avarice and sloth.

The art of speaking untruths, Najib style
Selena Tay | November 26, 2011

If there is one thing which Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is good at, it is none other than lies, flip-flops and inconsistencies.

In this aspect, he is said to have perfected the art of lying to such a fine art that he can be said to be better than his immediate predecessor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Listed below are his major accomplishments in the art of lying:

1. Petrol rebate

In the middle of last year after Pemandu’s Idris Jala had announced the ‘Rationalisation of Subsidies Program’, Najib had announced that there would be a petrol rebate.

The amount would be RM126 for owners of cars 1,000 c.c. and below and RM54 for owners of motorbikes 250 c.c. and below.

DAP’s Tony Pua has reminded Najib of the matter earlier this year but nothing came out of it, as usual.

2. NEM (New Economic Model) Part 2

When the NEM was launched in March 2010, Najib had promised that the second part would follow in June.

June 2010 came and went and there was nothing but he said that it would be unveiled in the later part of 2010. Now it is almost the end of 2011.

That promise is now lost in the mists of antiquity. Also, the Equal Opportunities Commission that was part of NEM was omitted in the later part of 2010 due to pressure from certain quarters.

Clearly, Najib lacks the political will to implement any solid reforms or he is lying through his teeth!

3. The stadium lie

He offered the use of a stadium to the organizers of Bersih 2.0 but when the organizers requested for the use of Stadium Merdeka, it was turned down. After the Bersih Rally on Saturday 9th July 2011, he said that what he meant was the stadium in Shah Alam. This is a classic example of word-twisting and promise-breaking.

4. The 1Malaysia meal

This is another outright lie served up by the prime minister and it pertains to the price of a meal. Logic will tell you that going by the amount and type of food shown on his plate, the price must be at least RM6.

To misrepresent and to give a false impression that it only costs RM3 or RM4 is extremely irresponsible and unbecoming of Najib as a prime minister in his bid to boost his image and that of BN as a caring government.

5. The Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) shops

Some of the products sold in this chain of shops are allegedly of inferior quality and not that cheap. To really benefit the low-income group, these shops should stock the branded products and sell them cheaper than what is being sold at hypermarts or other sundry shops.

This will ensure that quality products are being made affordable to the poor and the low-wage earners. For example, Sunlight dishwashing liquid is being sold at between RM5.50 to RM5.80 in hypermarts and sundry shops. The Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia should stock up on Sunlight and sell it at RM4 – only in this manner can KR1M be said to be truly benefitting the rakyat.

Otherwise, the house-brands of the hypermarts are cheaper as has been proven by DAP’s Tony Pua in a press conference in the Parliament lobby recently.

6. Slanders on innocent people

No apologies have been issued by Najib in regards to the slanders and false news linking DAP to the “Christian PM” issue and the so-called “molest case” said to involve Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s son which have been masterminded by parties connected to Umno. This indicates that Najib condones dirty politics with racist undertones.

7. Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011

This Bill pertains to freedom of assembly which has already been enshrined in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution. After it has been passed (due to the opposition not having enough voice in Parliament), it should be renamed ’1,001 Ways To Hinder Peaceful Assembly Act’.

The fine has been increased from a maximum of RM10,000 to RM20,000 for the organizers and they must give the police 30 days notification. The list of places where people are not allowed to congregate has been increased and it includes mosques, temples, schools, kindergartens, petrol stations, IWK plants and even reservoirs!

One is not allowed to stand 50 metres from those said locations and not only that, the number of persons which constitutes an illegal assembly is not mentioned. Previously, it used to be three to five persons to constitute an illegal assembly. This means that even one person standing near a petrol station could be arrested without rhyme or reason.

Najib’s promise to give more freedom to the rakyat is nothing but a blatant lie to con the rakyat as this Act will certainly curtail the citizens’ freedom drastically. When Parliament enacts disgraceful legislation, no one can take to the streets to protest because this legislation prevents people from taking to the streets by outlawing street protests.

This is called using the law to clampdown on democracy.

Seven cardinal sins

From the list above, it is very obvious that the prime minister is a liar. One should not trust him anymore and it would be fair to say that the Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reform instituted by Najib is just an eyewash to dupe the public.

Najib is not keen on democracy and electoral reforms although he is constantly telling other world leaders that Malaysia is a thriving democracy and elections in Malaysia are free and fair.

He has told too many lies and it is truly amazing that Malaysians can continue to vote in a habitual liar and a habitual lying political party – BN (which can also stand for Bohong Negara – lying to the nation).

By the way, the seven cardinal sins according to the teaching of the Catholic Church are pride, anger, lust, envy, greed, avarice and sloth (going by the mnemonic of PALE GAS). Has Najib committed any one or all seven of these sins?

When will the rakyat wise-up to his diabolical tricks and vote in honest, truthful and transparent leaders before Malaysia sinks into the pit of oblivion?

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