Malaysian Indian Awakening Day

On 25th November 2007 we made history and proved that "Failing to gather was not an option!" For those who gathered there, be proud that you were a milestone in the making of history. The suppressed and depressed Malaysian Indians, after 50 years we did the "paradigm shift of the century" by making this gathering a successful one.

The spirit of the crowd was immeasurable. About 10 busloads of passengers walked all the way from Rawang as the authorities denied their rights to enter Kuala Lumpur. If time was not a factor, they may have even walked all the way from Penang and Johor just to mark their presence at the gathering. A spirit that cannot be denied by the roadblocks nor the warnings from those who should have protected them.

The crowd behaved perfectly. They followed every advice to be calm and to observe non-violence. My God, where did they learn this kind of tolerance? The Indian youth often described as gangsters and rowdies observed perfect calm and a non-violent stance. ABSOLUTE AHIMSA! Now the world knows who turned these innocent youths the other way.

The police followed their superior's order by pounding upon the crowd tear gas after tear gas bombs. Malaysia would not have seen so much tear gas ever used in one single day. To say the least, the taxpayers' money used to buy tear gas bombs, really were used against the tax payers themselves, an irony! The youths at the frontline put the bombs off by pouring water which was passed from about one kilometer behind the lines! The crowd clapped and encouraged the bravery of the front-liners.

I was with a massive crowd of not less than 30,000 in front of KLCC. Gallons of what seemed like water-laced chemicals, or I would say chemical-laced water, was jet sprayed from the water cannons, providing my Permanently Colonised Malaysian Indians a free shower, courtesy the FRU. An unforgettable gift from the UMNO led government after 50 years of loyal support from beloved fellow Malaysian Indians! We received the "gifts" with open heart.

I personally went through almost 8 to 10 showers, enjoying the burning sensation throughout my body. My eyes, my skin, my lungs, my stomach and other parts of my body. I let every bit of the burning sensation be absorbed by each and every cell in my body. So did the thousands of the participants at the gathering. We will store the sensation in our cells for the rest of our lives. We will pass it on to our children and grandchildren, after all this was the gift we received from UMNO-led government.

Nevertheless, the crowd did not give up. How could they? They waited patiently for 50 years. Would they give up so easily? I spoke to many foreigners, some were reporters. A gentleman from Spain told me, such brutality cannot be seen in his country, moreover against peaceful gatherers and he asked me how these guys can do it to us. I wiped the tears that were caused by the gift of UMNO-led government, smiled at him and said "Malaysia Boleh!"

All we asked, me and my Permanently Colonialised Malaysian Indians, was for a mere simple one hour. The officials gave us several hours to prove to us how much they care for us. The senior UMNO leaders were saying if this gathering was permitted it might lead to a racial riot. Bullshit! Let me share with you, what happened in Kampung Pandan.

When we walked towards Kuala Lumpur City Centre from Kampung Pandan, we were welcomed with gallons of chemical-laced water. The innocent civilians did not expect such a welcome and they split into all directions. Some ran into the housing area. My beloved Malay brethren quickly called and pushed them into their homes protecting them from the police who wanted to arrest the Indians. After some time, seeing the police outside, the Indians told their Malay brothers 'tak apa bang, nanti abang pula dapat susah, biar kami keluar dan tengok apa akan berlaku (It's OK brother, we do not want you to be in trouble because of us, let us go out and face them)."

A perfect brotherhood among Muslims and Hindus, among Malays and Indians took place. Teachings by Prophet Muhammad and Lord Krishna were observed perfectly. The teachings within the Holy Koran and the Holy Bhagawath Geetha were seen in practice here. The harmony of races in Malaysia! citizens of various religions and races in perfect harmony, in perfect understanding, in perfect tolerance, caring, loving and watching out for each other.

So then, should there be any scent of racial riots, the Rakyat will know who stirred up the hornets nest. Stop gaining mileage by using us, politicians!!

As for the Malaysian Indians, be proud of what you have done on 25th, you made history.
Vaazhga HINDRAF !!!

May peace be with us forever.....

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government