Malaysians can walk freely in KLCC without police permit

KLCC Park near the Water Fountain · Saturday, November 26, 2011, 2-3:00pm

Will you apply for police permit a month ahead before going to pasar malam with two family members or friends? Why should we then apply permit if we want to express our love for the country?

Freedom of assembly is a fundamental right for us to express ourselves, persuade others and effect changes in public life. There is no need to apply for police permit and leave it to the police whether we have the right to gather, not until we are colonised by our own police force. We just need the police to maintain order and direct traffic. Demonstrators should inform the police for mere purpose of coordination, not for permission.

If you believe that Malaysia is a free country and our freedom should not be undermined by the Orwellian "Peaceful Assembly Act", let's exercise our right to walk freely under the sun this Saturday afternoon at 2pm at the KLCC Park near the water fountain.

You dont have to bring any placard or banner. Let's show the police how we can demonstrate anytime anywhere with the simplest preparation - we will just wear yellow. If you want to make your message clearer, bring a Malaysian flag. The flag represent our freedom.

We will stand and walk in the park, breathing free air. Yes, freedom is really about being where you want to be. It's so simple. Be ourselves and we will already be demonstrating.

Let's see if the police or the KLCC security guard dare to stop us from gathering. Let's see if they will lock down the KLCC Park to prevent us gathering. Let's see if they will bar people wearing yellow or carrying a national flag from entering KLCC.

Let's see how far they dare to act like colonial or occupying army stopping a country's citizens from gathering or waving the national flag. Do not struggle if they want to arrest us or disperse us by force. Stand still and sing the national anthem and let them do what they want to do.

The world will be our witness in standing up for our right to appear and move in public place without permit. The international media will be there. Tourists will be there. Just bring yourself and a camera.

We will stand up to defend our freedom from the "Peaceful Assembly Act". Together with other Malaysians who would stand up in similar way, we will force the Najib Administration to withdraw the bill before second reading.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

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