UMNO's Rough politics in 1 Malaysia

NOV 30 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak wants a high-income and united nation under his 1 Malaysia concept, which is a continuation of the Vision 2020 idea and going back as far as 1971, the Rukun Negara or National Principles.

The Rukun Negara has five principles, namely 1) Belief in God 2) Loyalty to King and Country 3) Upholding the Constitution 4) Sovereignty of the Law and 5) Good Behaviour and Morality.

Number 5 is the basis of what is expected of all Malaysians, more so politicians.

But not today.

Today, Umno state youth chiefs took turns attacking Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties with a specific focus on DAP, using foul language to accuse the party of systematically eroding the rights of Malays in states like Penang and Kedah.

One leader, Shaik Hussein Mydin, claimed that Malays and Islam were at risk in Penang, and said that PKR and PAS had “no power” to stop the repression of the Malay community there.

“PKR and PAS are ‘bapok’ (transvestites) and ‘pondan’ (effeminate) as these days they have no power to challenge DAP. A vote for DAP is a vote for the destruction of Islam,” said the Penang Umno Youth chief to loud applause and shouts of “PKR, PAS tak ada telur!”

Really? Name calling in politics has reached such a low. And these are the youth that Umno will depend on to perpetuate its dominance and its party president’s 1 Malaysia campaign.

The youth leader also tore at DAP, saying “Under DAP, Malays have become their ‘baruas’. I won’t mince my words, because I mean what I say.

“Anyone who supports DAP is a ‘bangsat’ (bastard),” said Shaik Hussin.

What does using such words say about Umno Youth? Can anyone condone such uncouth behaviour? Is this the way to widen Umno’s appeal to first-time voters? That it is fine to curse and swear in politics and to say that those who don’t support you are bastards?

How 1 Malaysia is this? Fact is, how stupid are those who believe such methods will win them votes?

Najib has gone to great lengths to befriend the youth, to watch football with them, attend concerts, even cycle in Penang, to impart a better image for his party. But it is people like this youth leader who will undermine such efforts.

Of course, Umno’s political foes are no better. But Umno must set the standard. Have any of its previous presidents or leaders of distinction use such uncouth language in the past? Is this the party that wants to continue providing leadership in the most rude of ways?

Umno needs a better crop of future leaders who think before they spew out anything. Otherwise, they are no better than street thugs who should only earn our contempt.

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