Fear and greed in Malaysia

9:42AM Jul 9, 2012  
VOXPOP 'Fear and greed go hand in hand. The greed is over for Dr M. Now it's the fear of losing everything when Anwar becomes PM.'

Anwar: Dr M fears my rise to power the most

vox populi small thumbnailBootsie: The old geyser and his band of thieves are damn afraid of change as a change will expose their wile and deceitful ways. They may escape here, but in the hereafter they will pay a terrible price.

Anyway, they consist of people of this world with no regard whatsoever for the next.

Starr: I am not surprised that even former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad would take the first plane out should Pakatan Rakyat come to power. No doubt, there will be lots of skeletons in his closet.

Blind Freddo: I'm beginning to think that Anwar might be the worst thing that ever happened to Malaysia... worse even than Mahathir.

He does nothing but spout hatred and his everlasting raking over the muck of BN's past is becoming boring. Where are his leadership qualities? Where is his vision for the future?

A politician like him with no track record to speak of should be talking about the future, promising a new and bright Malaysia free from all the shit that has plagued it over the last 50 years. But all we get is negativity.

Anonymous_3e2c: Surely Anwar can be no worse than Mahathir or Najib. The rakyat is waiting to vote Pakatan in and that's the general feeling on the ground.

Hasrul Junaidi: I think it's about time Anwar trained his guns at Mahathir. People have been angry with Mahathir since the late 1990s and it is about time the rakyat were reminded of his atrocities.

Only Anwar can do that. Please make that dream come true for Malaysians.

Odin: I personally don't give a pennyfart if Anwar has indeed had sex with someone who is not his wife. That is his private business. No one is sinless. Not even those ulamas.

As long as he can steer Malaysia out of the bottom of the outdoor toilet that it is in now, that is all that matters. And judging from how the states under Pakatan Rakyat have been run, I am certain that he can do that.

Anonymous #678586: This old man take 22 years to destroy Malaysia and after passing it to former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for only one term, Mahathir puts all the blame on him for what Malaysia is today.

I hope he will rot in jail when Pakatan takes over for what he has done to us.

Anonymous #45522856: Dr M is very afraid because if Pakatan wins, he might land up in Sungai Buloh. He was always framing people, that's why he fears he will be framed when Pakatan takes over.

Mahathir, you destroyed all the national institutions and blame it on Pak Lah, but the people are not stupid.

Shanandoah: Fear and greed go hand in hand. The greed is over for Dr M. Now it's the fear of losing everything when Anwar becomes PM.

It can be seen by the statements he makes about Anwar because he knows what had been going on for 22 years with Dr M at the helm of the nation.

Within the next six months, the nation is going to witness what BN had been doing for the last 30 years. Be prepared to hear horror of horrors!

DAP exposes another Umno cheap land deal

Ghkok: Did I get this right - they paid only RM130,244 for a piece of land worth RM3.3 million? If this is true, then it is robbery.

So in 2002, the BN state government together with the Umno division of Tanjung Karang conspired to rob the rakyat of Selangor. This is, of course, a crime.

When Pakatan forms the next federal government, a new law should be proposed - a Special Land Acquisition Act. This Act will allow the government to acquire the land back at the original price that these people paid for it.

So for the above case, the Selangor government can then use this law to acquire the land back by paying Umno RM130,244. Fair, isn't it ... no?

Paul Warren: Umno and its branches will maintain their stoic silence over these issues because there is nothing much that can be done other than embarrass them.

Even then as long as they don't respond, the best that it can be is an allegation. So they get away with it. Unless, of course, the Selangor state is willing to forcefully forfeit the land.

Disgusted: The rakyat are beginning to wonder how huge and deep is the corruption in BN government.

This is only in Selangor where much of the records were destroyed by BN on the night after the elections. Penang and Perak too suffered the same fate.

We can't help wondering if the same trend will happen if they lose federal government after 13th GE, whether they would adopt the scorch-earth policy. If they do, all of them must be charged for treason against the rakyat of Malaysia.

Wira: Of course, this kind of hanky panky is around all the time in previous administrations. Otherwise how could former MB Mohd Khir Toyo buy his mansion on the so-called "willing seller, willing buyer" basis?

Compass: My God, how they raped the whole country. And they have the cheek to think that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people are bad.

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