Royalty, VIPs get first choice of free vanity reg numbers but Malaysian need to know the source of income for VIP's

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 — The government will accord priority to royalty and dignitaries in their request for free vehicle registration number.
Transport Deputy Minister Jelaing Mersat said the tender process for vehicle registration numbers was open to all parties, including corporations and organisations, but there were conditions attached.
“However, there are seven categories of notables that qualify for a free registration number.
“These are the Sultans, includng the Raja of Perlis and the Yang DiPertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, Heads of States (Yang DiPertua Negeri), Raja Muda/Tengku Mahkota, prime minister, deputy prime minister, Federal Territories minister, mentri besar and chief ministers,” he said replying to Senator Lee Cheam Choon.
Lee had requested an explanation of the vehicle registration tender system, and the parties eligible, or who did not have to go through tender to obtain a specific number.
Jelaing said there were a number of procedures and conditions under the Road Transport Department (RTD) Order (Bill 8 Year 2009/L) that needed to be adhered to.
“The bidder must submit the tender form, together with a 50 per cent deposit payment of the reserved bid and the original receipt of the RM10 service fee payment.
“A letter on the decision will be issued not later than seven working days from the date of the evaluation committee meeting, and the notice of decision must be displayed at the relevant state RTD office,” he said. — Bernama

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