Hindraf supporters who attended the ABU forum in Shah Alam were beaten badly and called 'Keling Keluar! Ini tempat Melayu!' by Pekida 3 line gangsters. The BN/Umno linked thugs hurled racial abuses shouting at the participants, many who were Indians. “One of them called us ‘keling’ while others proceeded to taunt the Indians present and shouted at the Malays there ‘you orang tak kenal hutang budi‘ (you unappreciative lot),” said legal executive M Yuktesvaran. IT IS CLEAR PROVOCATION HERE THAT THESE UMNO LINKED THUGS WANTED TO START A RACIAL CLASH. THANK GOD THE MAINLY ETHNIC INDIAN CROWD REMAINED CALM AND DID NOT RESPOND TO THE PROVOCATIONS BY THESE RABID MONGRELS.
All the equipment in the hall were destroyed by them. A supporter was admitted in the emergency ward at the Sentosa Specialist Hospital Klang. He suffered injuries on his head, chest, hands and feet.

The incident happened at about 9.15pm when the ceramah was about to start.
About 30 attackers, waving sticks and helmets, rode their motorcycles into the ceramah venue – a hall – and rammed into participants and chairs.
Others had followed on foot and had allegedly ’caused havoc’ by tossing chairs, throwing away ABU brochures, and hurling insults at participants, demanding for them to leave. Organiser and ceramah participants believe the attackers were linked to Umno.

“I believe they were Umno people. They had the BN and Umno flags, and were wearing Umno t-shirts,” said one participant who alerted FMT of the incident. “There was some arguments and one boy was badly beaten by the unruly youths using helmets,” said Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) executive director E Nalini who was there to observe the ceramah.

The speakers of the disrupted ceramah were supposed to be lawyer-activist Haris Ibrahim, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, PKR leader Badrul Hisham Shahrin and Hindraf national coordinator W Sambulingam.

Mohamad Sabu said he was on stage when the incident happened.“They can’t do this, if they disagreed with us or our programmes, they can complain to the police, not attack people. This is a very bad image for democracy,” he said.
However, the Malaysian Police, which every one knows to be the lap dogs of BN/Umno have come out on denial mode and has instead put the blame on the organizers. Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah brushed off claims of any attacks at the ceramah. “No such incident though there was some dissatisfaction by the residents about the activity,”. “No damages or injuries to people as alleged…no riots occurred,” he said, adding that Hindraf supporters were present at the venue. Just see what I liar the Selangor Police Chief is when you watch this video

However Shah Alam OCPD Zahedi Ayob confirmed there was “shouting and pushing” at the ceramah but everything calmed down after the arrival of the police. He said that the tension was caused by the anti-Umno ceramah in a Malay area. He added that the Malay residents got angry with the ceramah, especially with a banner which called for the end of the Umno/BN “regime”. THE SCRIBE CALLS ON THE IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL OF TUN HISAN AS SELANGOR POLICE CHIEF AS HE HAS PROVEN TO BE A LIAR AND APPEAR TO CONDONE THE AGRESSION OF THESE UMNO THUGS.

The Scribe has reported that during the Christmas and New Year holidays, Mat Rempits came to Penang and behaved like they owned the place. These braineless amoebas can easily ignite racial tensions if not kept in check. Read here
This is not the first time the BN/Umno Regime has chosen to use youths, some of whom look like they are in their teens, to threaten and harm their fellow citizens who are engaged in a legitimate expression of their right to free speech and assembly. This same intimidation and fear tactic was used by Gadaffi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt, and we all know what was the outcome for these regimes and their leaders. Comrades, the Malaysian Spring has arrived!

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