Sydney designer: Rosmah did make purchases

Sydney designer Carl Kapp has confirmed that the Malaysian premier’s wife Rosmah Mansor had made purchases at his store, but denied ever saying that she had spent A$100,000.

NONEResponding in a statement today to Malaysiakini‘s request for comments, Kapp (right) said Rosmah and her “sizeable group” had during her visit “made various purchases”.

He said he had not disclosed the amount spent, which had been stated in fashion blog Frockwriter and the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) column ‘Private Sydney’.

“I wish to clarify that in my statement on this distinguished client’s visit, never did I make any specific reference to the amount spent at my Paddington store,” Kapp said in a carefully worded statement.

“… during their visit, members of (Rosmah’s) party, including friends and the chair(person) and organiser of Islamic Fashion Festival separately made various purchases. I believe Datin Sri Rosmah is the patron (of) this Islamic Fashion Festival.”

Frockwriter had on Jan 17 reported, based on an interview with Kapp, that “Rosmah wound up ordering 61 silk pieces”.

“Based on the average prices in his collections – which start at A$400 and reach several thousand dollars, Frockwriter estimates it could be approaching A$100,000. Kapp was paid upfront,” blogger Patty Huntington wrote.

SMH columnist Andrew Hornery meanwhile reported that the PM’s wife had “dropped an estimated A$100,000 in (Kapp’s) boutique ordering garments during a private holiday in Sydney”.

‘I’m not indiscreet’

According to Kapp’s statements, the column was also “inaccurate” in claiming that he is being “flown to Malaysia next month” solely for custom-fiitting the outfits.

“Visits to various parts of Asia, including Malaysia, for the purposes of channel marketing for our merchandise and sourcing of materials for future products are a regular part of my work calendar and ordinary course of business,” he said.

He said the article had unfairly presented him and his business as being “indiscreet” and “willing to divulge personal and private information…(of) clients”.

“This is manifestly untrue, and we wish to state unequivocally that we value greatly the privacy of our clientele and would never violate their confidence under any circumstance.” he said.

NONEIn a response to Malaysiakini today, Hornery said it was Kapp’s publicist who had approached fashion journalists in Sydney with information on Rosmah’s visit.

He also said the designer had spoken to him on record and was “as candid as he could be”.

Hornery dismissed claims by Rosmah that his report was “wildly exaggerated” and “untrue”, saying that he stands by his report.

Huntington, on her Twitter account, said today that Rosmah’s reaction was “amusing”.

“I think there are about to be a few more developments. Stay tuned…,” she said.

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