Temiar blockade: How not to win Orang Asli votes

The Orang Asli community in Gua Musang are waging a struggle to preserve their ancestral land in Kelantan from the onslaught of loggers. What do BN and PR politicians have to say?
The Temiar rise in protest - Photograph: Siti Kasim/COAC
Why can’t they wait until the Orang Asli community there have completed mapping their lands?
Nine people were arrested today. They were all released late at night.
The struggle continues. But what is the stand of the Kelantan government on Orang Asli native customary rights land?
Will the Pakatan show a more enlightened approach to land rights? I still recall the Pakatan state government in Selangor supported the Orang Asli in their struggle. What’s happening to Kelantan then, Nik Aziz?

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