Who is the real Najib? 1Malaysia PM, 1Brother Ah Jib, 1Ketuanan Melayu, 1UMNO-Perkasa, 1Mahathir crony, 1corruption leader

Who is the real Najib? Having many faces depending on the audience or circumstances?'

Beware, racists are now masquerading as moderates

Najib endorsed threats against me, says Ambiga

your sayTrumpet Call: The tactics employed by the government are not new. They are designed to intimidate and bully a person into retreat.

It is akin to the law of the jungle. But the bad news for them is that we will not be intimidated. We shall remain strong and resolute.

We will do everything possible within the boundaries of the law to change the government. This means every responsible citizen who truly loves Malaysia must stand up to be counted and go for broke at the next GE.

Freemsia: PM Najib Razak has never been consistent from the very beginning. He can talk about 1Malaysia. Then he turns around and give a totally un-1Malaysia speech at the Pekida Assembly.

He talks about his Global Movement of the Moderates. Contrast this with his high-handed actions at the Bersih 2.0 rally.

He will never be sincere. He only talks in the hope of gaining popularity. At the end of the day, what he really, really cares about is his own interest - which is to remain in power.

Jedi_Who: Bersih 2.0 chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan is highlighting the ‘mind policing' and terror tactics by Umno. If she doesn't find a platform to get publicity and recourse on this, they will do it again in the days leading to Bersih 3.0.

Karma: It is so embarrassing to be a citizen of Malaysia with a PM saying such a thing. This is a disgrace. We dare him to deny it.

Further, with the ruling government continues to be in alliance with blogger Papagomo, it will bring down Malaysia's dignity further.

Papagomo once accused Penang CM Lim Guan Eng's son of being involved in a sex scandal without any proof and yet he can off scot-free. Why?

Pemerhati: The saying that a leopard cannot change its spots applies to Najib. He clearly revealed his spots when some time ago he threatened some Malaysians by saying that he would soak the ‘keris' with their blood.

Most of the time, he tries to hide his spots by putting on a fake smile and talking of 1Malaysia this and 1Malaysia that. But make no mistake, behind that fake facade is a very dangerous and nasty leopard.

Anak JB: When I read what was written, I was lost for words and felt angry. Thank you, Ambiga for taking the bull by its horns and showing what a bunch of cowards these people are.

Shame on you, Najib, Umno and the police for bullying a woman who incidently speaks for most Malaysians.

Toffeesturn: I was there at the Merdeka Stadium in the afternoon of July 9, but it was all barricaded.

I then moved to Jalan Sultan where there was a sea of people, we eventually were forced toward Tung Shin Hospital and we were fired upon in same fashion. I ran for cover.

Lucky the rains set in as I was soaked by chemically-laced water. The rain was a welcome relief. I managed to get to Brickfields and attempted to get to KL Sentral but could not as the tunnel was full of tear gas.

The police (FRU) were just leaving then, it ties with Ambiga's story. I then took a taxi from Brickfields to Klang.

Yes, we were ambushed all over Kuala Lumpur, but that day was ours - we won. Najib is a tyrant - that's why I do not trust the next GE, he will do anything.

It is in his blood - after all, father was the architect of May 13 and there was one time he stood in a stadium and called for blood, which he now denies.

Ferdtan: So who is the real Najib? 1Malaysia PM, 1Brother Ah Jib, 1Ketuanan Melayu, or having many faces depending on the audience or circumstances?

We thought that former PM Ahmad Badawi was a flip-flop leader, but it now seems Najib is even worse - he can be more dangerous if we were to give him some leeway.

Malaysians, vote ABU (Anything But Umno). We want back our country - a country of law and order respected by all, the rich and poor alike. There should not be a rule by law.

We have enough of the abuses of power by the elite, especially the police.

Sadirah K: It is sad to see a politician like Najib who is everything to everybody. His position depends on his audience. Spineless, he continues to contradict himself and such are the leaders who are meant to give leadership to this nation.

Born with a golden spoon, Najib is PM by virtue of his heritage hence not a grassroots politician who has to win people with ideas and convictions. Indecisive, ever changing in his position, he continues to make boo boos all the time.

Naturally such people are afraid of people who champion a cause because they have only one cause and that is to remain in power so manipulation is the best option.

By doing so, they reveal their incompetencies. He is just a paper tiger and if he ursurps power than he will have to face the wrath of people's power.

Pelita: The racist extremists are now masquerading as moderates to the international community.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who did watch Najib with his so called wife delivering speech on television for every festive season would know what a big fat liar he is. Absolutely no eye contact with the Home Audience. Only liars will not make eye contacts because eyes are windows to the heart that reveals the true motive of the speaker. He is nothing more that a street peddler of the backlanes of chowkit who brings in tiny bottles of ointment and claim that it can cure more than 250 different types of ailments. All of Najib's ONE MALAYSIA policy is no better than this 2 sen worth of that ointment with an attractive label. The Irony is he thinks that all Malaysians are so dumb that we would fall for the Glossy Label. His attractive schemes like that label are baits in a Rat's cage to win votes. Any Malaysian who has self respect will not be the rat to vote for Najib and later regret for his face pressed under Najib's Dirty Bottoms. As a Malaysian Indian I'm always proud of our contributions to this country. When Malaysian Economy was fueled by Primary Products, hundreds and thousands of Malaysian Indians toiled at the Rubber estates,and many others of our ancestors too had died of Malaria whilst clearing forests to make way in building roads and rail roads. These road workers didn't even have a decent pair of boots and all they wore was a used lorry tube from the wheels to protect their feet from the hot boiling Tar. When Malaya was ripe for independence, Hundreds of Indians lead by Subash Chandra Bose (INA =INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY) fought for Malaya's Independence. The Chinese on the other hand worked hard at the Tin Mines,and started grocery shops to provide constant supply of raw food to the people of Malaya. Even after Independence and up until now throughout the rule by UMNO lead Barisan Nasional, we are all treated as the third class citizens. All that shouts and screams to uplift the Indian and Chinese communities in this country is a drama orchestered by Najib (the Drama King) which is nothing more than a wolf feeling sorry for a lamb that got wet in the rain. Be aware of the Wolf's real motive.

Anonymous said...

Najib is cunning as a fox, he is chasing after power & wealth

Anonymous said...

NAJIB is a Dirty Old Tricky Hyenna who trys to trick Malaysians to win his votes by nook or crook. Few Indians and Chinese who had already decided to vote for him on the basis of his cramp talk will know how mean Najib will turn out to be when he wins the election. You can believe even a prostitute , if she says that she is a Virgin, but not the words of Najib. Please do not make this costly mistake by voting this laughing hyenna. These Voter will be crying after that. If someone can hide a big cold murder in a pile of rice on a dinner plate and become a leader, what more filthy magic this self appointed magician can show. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Anonymous said...

Najib is worst than a DONKEY. Even a donkey's (animals) temperaments are quite stable and we all know well that a donkey will kick by its rear legs but this HUMAN DONKEY is a very tricky one, can use any part of its body to shoot its blows. There is not an inch of truth in the so called 1Malaysia policy and it is quite evident in the composition of races in Government Services. If a country can go back on using ration cards it simply shows the Najib's Government is not performing well in controlling the soaring prices nation wide. If you let Najib to continue for the next term, he will give you UBI KAYU (TOPIOCA) to eat as the Japanese did during the WORLD WAR TWO.

Anonymous said...

Most of today's problem including the racial divide in Malaysia was started by Dr Mahathir Mohammad. Dr Mahathir Mohammad did his medicine in Singapore under a Indian scholarship quota as a MAMAK ( Mamak comes under Indians too). He is so ungrateful that after his graduation he even felt shy to accept the fact that he has Indian Blood in him. ( Those who had read his book on THE DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE will know how oppourtunists he was all the way through).Even in this book which is his autobiography, he cannot accept that he had indian mixed parentage. He said that he had more asian blood and all other crap. He did nothing for Indians during his tenure. Dr Najib came to power on Mahathir's recommendation based on their personal agreement that If you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours ( Mahathir to cover up the Mongolian issue for Najib and Najib will cover up all of mahathir secrets as long standing politician in UMNO) and Mahathir is having even a greater plan to make his son a PM someday in the near future. Najib is no lesser fox than Mahathir himself and his policies are not more than gimmicks to win the election. Be aware of Opportunists and stop voting for Barisan.

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