William: Why the deafening silence, are BN leaders involved in illicit outflows

William: Why the deafening silence, are BN leaders involved in illicit outflows

The silence over the revelation that large amount of funds flowed out of the country illegally has prompted a member of parliament to question BN leaders' own involvement in illicit funds outflow.
Selayang MP William Leong said the illicit funds outflow over the last 10 year totalling USD291 billion (RM1.07 trillion) proved that corruption and illegal activities had flourished in the country.
“Is their inaction due to involvement of BN leaders? That is the people's perception if the government continues to ignore it without any measures to stop the outflow,” he said.
A report by International watchdog Global Financial Integrity (GFI) has noted that Malaysia’s illicit outflow tripled from US$22.2 billion in 2002 to US$68.2 billion in 2008, bringing it to a total of RM888 billion over a span of 9 years.
The country has also been ranked fifth in the largest amount of illegal money outflows among developing countries, which saw China (US$2.8 trillion), Russia (US$427 billion), Mexico (US$416 billion) and Saudi Arabia (US$302 billion) being places at the top.
Leong said illicit outflow was a serious problem as it meant that Malaysia had turned into an international hub for illegal activities.
Saying it was not difficult to be detected as transactions were done by Bank Negara and the Finance ministry, Leong said the inaction over the report was baffling.
“I am afraid there is a big conspiracy taking place in the country and I urge the government to act on it,” he said.

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