Dr M, who are the 26 percent?

Recently, Dr M made comments that it is the non-bumiputeras that are the actual masters of Malaysia. He went on to say even though the Chinese make up about 26% of Malaysia they are able to influence the policymakers of this country.

When I first read his comments, I was very hurt and disappointed. It hurt because according to Dr M, it is these 26% of the population that influence the decisions and policies of this country. It is these 26% who twist and manipulate for their benefit.

Does he imply that the PM, ministers, civil servants have been and are subservient to them? Why did Dr M allow such vile tactics to happen when he was PM? What kind of CEO allows these things to happen?

Why doesn't PM Najib comment on this? As far I know, neither PM Najib or past PM Abdullah have made any comments on this. Does elegant silence mean admission of truth? Do they want the country to go to the dogs?

It is disappointing to know it is happening, and continues to happen, all this while. It is also very disappointing there was never any plan to eradicate the problem. It is also very disappointing that Dr M did not mention who these ‘masters’ are. Hopefully Dr M will tell us who they are. I know for sure it's not me. I'm just little mouse.

Dr M, for the love of Malaysia, please tell us, what are their names? where do they live? what did they do? Tell us especially... so that I can send petition through telling them to stop their evil deeds.

Mahathir is not so stupid. Why does he choose this timing to utter these words? Look at the timing: I think he is actually helping Najib to divert people's attention from the biggest crisis his government is facing so far.

Remember, everytime this old fox utters something about the Chinese or the non-bumis, watch out.

We must not just look at things as individual, unconnected incidents, they are all linked, and have a common theme. The greatest task for Najib now is to topple all the states in Pakatan Rakyat's hands. First it was Perak, now it is Selangor. That's why we have the nude photos of Elizabeth Wong, the corruption charges against the CM Khalid, and then the MACC's investigations against the Chinese state assembly members.

An even clearer indication that Dr M is getting senile was when he warned Umno that when PAS agrees to work with the BN federal government PAS leaders were only out to strengthen PAS and not BN.

Can any normal person expect any political party to give priority towards strengthening it's political opponent instead of itself? Obviously Mahathir believes that the BN federal government should only agree to work with PAS when PAS agrees to give priority towards strengthening its political opponent, in this case the BN.



vinnan said...

I think you should see beyond Mahathir's words and ask yourself why he is so against a PAS-UMNO unity government. Obviously Moohidden seems to be all for it with Najib's approval. Here we can see how Najib and his boytoy Moohidden walked into a trap set for them by Nik Aziz and Mahathir. More on this later. Moreover, why would he support Najib after Najib cancelled his PPSMI in retaliation for the old bastard blocking Najib's appointee to sit on the Petronas Board, twice? When you slap the PM once you can call it an accident and he may forgive you. Slap the PM twice over the same matter and he will be out to get you.

It is obvious by now that Teoh Beng Hock's death was no accident. Who would benefit most from Teoh's murder and who would have the resources to carry out this inside job? I think Najib knows the Mahathirites in UMNO have their knives out for him. He needs to build his own allies to prepare for the Mahathirist onslaught. The fact that Najib has to look outside UMNO for allies tells us he is very weak in UMNO. Moreover, his One Malaysia and the 'liberalisation' of the economy is targetteed at the non-Malays. There is no reason for him to kill Teoh so as to remind the Indians of Kugan's death and the Chinese of how they are treated as pariahs in a land where they pay the most taxes to the Malays. Teoh's death is the human face the opposition needs to constantly remind the '26%' of the discriminations aginst them.

Is this constant reminder to Najib's advantage?

Anonymous said...

mestilah "they pay the most taxes to the malays"
Malay penduduk majoriti. Orang India 8 peratus sahaja (negeri mana mereka majoriti), cina 26 peratus sahaja(majoriti di Pulau Pinang).
Lagipun malay yang jaga negara. Malay yg bawa MIG, Sukhoi, scorpene, tank etc. Malay juga yang paling ramai pegang m16 dalam Rajemen Askar Melayu di Raja.

Contoh di Sri Langka.....orang Sinhalese penerima tax tertinggi bukan tamil kerana mereka majoriti.

Kesimpulan: keamanan penting untuk kita : melayu senang, india senang, cina senang....semua senang, tiada pariah dimalaysia...semua kaum boleh pakai mercedes.

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