Utusan Malaysia should stop irresponsible and anti-national journalism

Utusan Malaysia, the notorious Malay daily, also one of the most prostituted newspaper ever, designed and created to mislead the people and disseminate UMNO's fallacy laden propaganda. Never before a newspaper has been reduced to such a pariah state quality, just for the purpose of safeguarding a corrupted ruling UMNO elite.

Such a lie by a muslim owned newspaper, is not only an insult to the sacred religion Islam, but also reflects the degenerate morality of the UMNO leaders who will forsake all religious virtues to mislead the people with their evil machinations in order to remain in power. It is a pity that muslims in UMNO have deserted their religion and joined hands with satan to stifle any challenge to their glamorous political positions where peoples money can be ripped off with unbelievable ease. Utusan Malaysia is a product of UMNO devils workshop, a factory conceived and constructed by the avaracious UMNO corrupt elite to deflect the minds of ordinary people from focussing on the plundering of the wealth of the nation.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, Uusan Malaysia's single job is to create political illusions, which effectively mesmerises and bewitch a bewildered race of Malays, forcing them to look away from the corruption of the UMNO/BN government leaders. This political debauchery, commited by the most corrupt UMNO leaders has benumbed the mental faculties of the people to a point that they have become oblivious of the havoc of the UMNO leaders.

The simple Malay gets "pukaued" and falls prey to the media information manipulation, thereby giving UMNO time to restrategise for the next deflection exercise. It is a pity the Malays lack the wisdom to outsmart these evil tactics perpetrated by leaders who refuse to confess their crimes and give up their positions.

Malays must learn fast to be able to sense UMNO's political trickery, otherwise a corrupted regime will forever exploit them and keep them weak and primitive. Malay leaders who have realised UMNO's dangerous politics must endeavour to wake the quiet Malays to arise and overthrow a worthless corrupt regime that has oppressed the race subtly and has accumulated through ill gotten means the wealth of the nation.

Utusan Malaysia must be dumped, and ignored by each and every Malay, so that the race can be protected from utter ruin. Let all the Malays realise this great truth and forge ahead to destroy UMNO and its corrupted regime.

Melayu @ via email

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